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Media Construction of Environment and Sustainability in India

Media Construction of Environment and Sustainability in India

First Edition
  • Prithi Nambiar - Executive Director, Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Australia Inc., Sydney, NSW, Australia

August 2014 | 310 pages | SAGE India

The book analyses the role of media and communication in negotiating the meaning of environment and sustainability in the developmental context of India. As part of the global development discourse, it has become necessary to refocus on the meanings attributed to environment, sustainability, and sustainable development at the local and national level. The impact of these globally generated imperatives on a democratic, fast-developing nation like India is determined by the extent to which meaning negotiation through discourse aids their acceptance within society.

Media Construction of Environment and Sustainability in India presents a theoretical framework against which the role of media and communication in enabling this meaning negotiation is explored and illustrated through textual analysis and examination of interview data. The uniquely theoretical and practical perspective on the discursive construction of these concepts will be of immense value for policy makers, development and media practitioners, scholars, and students of media and communication.

List of Illustrations
List of Abbreviations
Foreword Professor (Dr) Naren Chitty
The Sustainability Discourse
Prioritising Sustainable Development
Communicating and Framing Sustainability
The Indian Environment and Sustainability Discourse
Making Sense of Sustainability: Exploring Elite Public Discourse
Media Construction of Environment and Sustainability
Framing the Future of Sustainability

Prithi Nambiar

Prithi Nambiar is the executive director of the Centre for Environment Education (CEE), which she established in Sydney in 2001. She has a PhD in International Communication from Macquarie University, Australia. She has developed and managed a range of innovative sustainability education programs that connect Australia to India. She also teaches media and communications at Macquarie University and is the Editor of the Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (SAGE).Prithi has worked in the area of strategic communication, education, economic and development policy, analysis, capacity building, and training as well as project... More About Author

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