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Managing Difficult, Frustrating, and Hostile Conversations

Managing Difficult, Frustrating, and Hostile Conversations
Strategies for Savvy Administrators

Second Edition

February 2005 | 168 pages | Corwin
Be prepared to manage stressful situations before they happen with proven, constructive strategies!

The second edition of this best-selling resource provides new and updated content influenced by the feedback of over 250 school administrators. Managing Difficult, Frustrating, and Hostile Conversations uncovers safe and effective strategies for dispelling common sensitive situations such as handling legitimate complaints, controlling those under the influence, combating charges of discrimination, serving as the mediator, and diffusing abrasive conversations.

Each chapter highlights situations identified by school administrators as most stressful; tips for managing these situations are followed by suggestions and questions for the reader that highlight how to:

- Understand the motives and actions behind hostile adults

- Become proactive rather than reactive

- Maintain control over volatile conversations

- Communicate effectively with all types of upset individuals

Use this text to constructively address sensitive issues and prevent stressful circumstances from evolving into dangerous situations.

About the Authors
1. Defusing the Angry Screamer
2. Dealing With Embarrassment or Humiliation
3. Handling Legitimate Complaints
4. Controlling Those Under the Influence
5. Refusing to Be Coerced
6. Combating Charges of Discrimination
7. Discouraging the Dependent Personality
8. Serving as Mediator When Friction Exists
9. Disabling the Backstabber
10. Meeting the Challenge of Volatile Educational Issues
11. Maintaining Confidentiality
12. What Works in All Cases
Resource: The School Administrators' Code of Ethics

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: Defusing the Angry Screamer

Georgia J. Kosmoski

Georgia J Kosmoski is Professor of Educational Administration at Governors State University located outside of Chicago, Illinois. She has been an educator for over 25 years She has been a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent.   More About Author

Dennis R. Pollack

Dennis R Pollack is a clinical psychologist in Spokane, Washington. Before starting his private practice, he was a psychology professor at Illinois State and Gonzaga universities. He is a nationally recognized clinical and voactional expert who speaks and writes regularly in the fields of both psychology and education.   More About Author

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