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Making Great Kids Greater

Making Great Kids Greater
Easing the Burden of Being Gifted

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Foreword by Linda Silverman

August 2008 | 176 pages | Corwin
This current guide shows teachers how to develop the talents and skills of students who are gifted and talented and features the real stories of gifted individuals. Written by gifted education expert Dorothy Sisk, this practical book offers techniques, strategies, and lessons for working with gifted students who may experience difficulties associated with excitabilities identified by psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski and that include: Intellect Emotion Physical energy, sometimes perceived as ADHD Kinetic energy Creativity Perfectionism
Foreword by Linda Silverman
About the Author
1. Gifted Kids Have a Unique Perception
2. One Size Does Not Fit All: Socialization vs. Social Development
3. Perfectionism: A Positive or Negative Characteristic of Giftedness?
4. Moral Courage
5. Individuality: Knowing Oneself
6. Sensitivity and Empathy for Others
7. Reflective Thinking: You Are in Charge
8. Developing Creativity in Gifted Students
9. Developing a Sense of Peace and Tranquility
10. Achieving Balance in Your Life and Finding Your Purpose

"Gifted children are often at risk of losing the essence of their giftedness in a sea of accountability. This book serves as a tool kit for the discovery and growth of giftedness. It provides specific strategies for educators and parents whose goal is to understand and nurture the giftedness of the children in their charge. Sisk's words go to the heart of what giftedness is all about and lead to true understanding by parents, educators, and the children themselves."

Lauri Kirsch, K-12 Gifted Education Supervisor
Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL

"This book is long overdue. Not only does it provide research that supports the author's work, it also includes descriptions and case studies of students that I felt akin to, along with ideas and activities that address all of these challenges. This book is a must for classroom teachers, university professors, and parents."

Starr Cline, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Hofstra University

“Dorothy Sisk is a venerable giant in the field of gifted education. Teachers will find this volume a gold mine of effective classroom strategies to develop the affective domain. Anyone interested in the emotional development of the gifted will be delighted by this book.”

From the Foreword by Linda Silverman

"Seamlessly weaves together research studies with personal narrative to illuminate the complex inner world of gifted students. The book explores not only the unique sensitivities and social-emotional challenges of the gifted, but also their deep empathy, intuitiveness, and keen awareness of the moral and spiritual realm."

Joan Franklin Smutny, Director
The Center for Gifted, National-Louis University

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Foreword by Linda Silverman


Dorothy A. Sisk

Dorothy Sisk holds an endowed chair in education of gifted students at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. Throughout her career, she has been intensely involved with the education of gifted and talented children. Sisk is an international consultant focusing on leadership, communication, and creativity development. She was a professor at the University of South Florida, coordinating programs for training teachers of the gifted, and former director of the US Office of Gifted and Talented in Washington, DC. She currently directs the C.W. Conn and Doroth Ann Conn Gifted Child Center at Lamar University and teaches courses in gifted education... More About Author

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