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Macroeconomics Simplified

Macroeconomics Simplified
Understanding Keynesian and Neoclassical Macroeconomic Systems

First Edition
  • Nicoli Nattrass - University of Cape Town, South Africa and Yale University, USA
  • G. Visakh Varma - Department of Economics, KKTM Govt. College, University of Calicut, Kerala, India

September 2014 | 222 pages | SAGE India

Macroeconomics Simplified explains the intuition behind Keynesian and neoclassical macroeconomics using graphs and simple algebra. 

It provides students with a strong conceptual basis for understanding the tension between Keynesian and neoclassical systems that has once again came to the forefront since the 2007–08 financial crisis. 

The book shows how theoretical perspectives affect macroeconomic policy choices and proposes a pragmatic approach to policy that is sensitive to prevailing economic conditions. Students of economics and business alike will enjoy its concise and engaging analysis and find the applications and references to the Indian economy helpful.

The National Accounts
The Neoclassical Macro Model
The Simple Keynesian Model
Investment and Interest Rates
The IS-LM Model
Fiscal and Monetary Policies in the IS-LM Model
The Aggregate Supply and Demand Model
Introducing the Open Economy
Credit and Crisis: An Epilogue

Nicoli Nattrass

Nicoli Nattrass is Professor of Economics and Director of the AIDS and Society Research Unit at the University of Cape Town, and a regular visiting professor at Yale where she teaches courses on development and the AIDS epidemic. She has published widely on macroeconomic policy, inequality, AIDS, and the struggle for antiretroviral treatment. Her work on the economics of preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child was used in a successful court case launched by South Africa’s Treatment Action Campaign against the then government of Thabo Mbeki. In her subsequent research on the role of ideas in shaping South Africa’s response... More About Author

G. Visakh Varma

G. Visakh Varma is an Associate Professor, Department of Economics, KKTM Government College, University of Calicut, Kerala. He teaches macroeconomics and his research interests are in the field of labour economics and macroeconomics. He is a member of the governing body of the Centre for Socio-economic and Environmental Studies, Kochi.Professor Varma has published articles in Economic and Political Weekly (September 2008 and January 2012) on Nurksian contributions and macroeconomics curriculum. He co-authored the book, An Economic Approach to Social Interactions (2007, Ernakulam) with Professor Martin Patrick, the preface of the book being... More About Author

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