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Launching Your First Principalship

Launching Your First Principalship
A Guide for Beginning Principals

October 2003 | 160 pages | Corwin
Examining the critical first days and weeks of the school year, this book is directed to the new and aspiring headteacher. It addresses key issues of succession, socialization, and leadership. It also provides qualitative feedback from new and seasoned headteacher, identifying common mistakes to avoid, and discussing critical skills acquisition.
About the Authors
1. You've Got the Job
Embrace the Role

What Kind of Leader Will You Be?

Expect Personal Change

Expect Relationships to Change

Hang On!

The Principal's Key

2. Get Acquainted: The People, the Place, the Culture
The People

Get Acquainted

The Principal's Key

3. Beginning and Ending Your School Year
Beginning the School Year

The End of the Year

The Principal's Key

4. Learn to Communicate
Understand the Communication System

Know Your Audience

Organize Yourself

Make Personal Communication a Priority

Communicate With Constituents: The Superintendent and Staff

Communicate With School Personnel

Communicate With Students

Communication With Parents

The Principal's Key

5. Maximize Staff Potential
Communicate Expectations

Encourage and Facilitate Professional Development

Sustain Staff Morale

Supervision and Evaluation

The Principal's Key

6. Use Time Effectively
Organize the Office

The Principal's Key

7. Solve Problems, Dilemmas and Grievances
Take Time to Think

A Conflict Resolution Model

The Principal's Key

8. Make Effective Changes
The Challenges

The Principal's Key

9. Take Care of Yourself
Learn to Manage Stress

What Triggers Stress?

Select Appropriate Responses

Restructure Your Thinking

Take Care of Your Health

Find a Balance

Continue Learning

The Principal's Key

Resource A. School and Self- Assessment Tools
Resource B. Your Educational Philosophy
Resource C. The Job Selection Process: Examining Potential Matches
Resource D. The Interview Process: Tips to Guide You
Resource E. Annotated Bibliography for Beginning Principals

"I couldn’t put the book down, and I’ve been a principal for 24 years. The information is excellent for all individuals interested in the principalship."

Denny Vincent, Past President
National Association of Secondary School Principals

"Brock and Grady present a realistic glimpse of the issues that principals must deal with, either knowingly, or unfortunately, unknowingly. This book can help principals avoid the latter."

Mike Parnell, Principal and Board Member of the National Association of Secondary School Principals
Carrollton High Schook, Carrollton, MO

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Chapter 1: You've Got the Job

Barbara Louise Brock

Barbara L. Brock is a professor of education at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. She has held a variety of positions in education, including education department chair, director of school administration, elementary principal, and K-12 teacher. She presents nationally and internationally on topics of beginning teacher induction, leadership succession, teacher and principal burnout, and educators with disabilities. She is coauthor with Marilyn Grady of Principals in Transition: Tips for Surviving Succession, From First-Year to First-Rate: Principals Guiding New Teachers, Rekindling the Flame: Principals Combating Teacher Burnout,... More About Author

Marilyn L. Grady

Marilyn L. Grady, is professor of educational administration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). She is the author or coauthor of 23 books, including From Difficult Teachers to Dynamic Teamwork (2009) with Brock, Getting it Right from the Start (2009) with Kostelnik From First Year to First Rate (2007) with Brock, 194 High-Impact Letters for Busy Principals (2006), 20 Biggest Mistakes Principals Make and How to Avoid Them (2004) and Launching Your First Principalship (2004) with Brock. Her research areas include leadership, the principalship, and superintendent-board relations. She has more than 175 publications to her credit. She... More About Author

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