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The Keys to Effective Schools

The Keys to Effective Schools
Educational Reform as Continuous Improvement

Second Edition
Edited by:

October 2006 | 248 pages | Corwin
Working in tandem with the powerful National Education Association's KEYS initiative (Keys to Excellence in Your Schools), this second edition focuses on how to change a school's organizational structure and culture to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Each chapter, revised and updated to address continuous improvement and narrowing the achievement gap, provides a wealth of knowledge from leading experts in the field including Patricia A. Alexander, Eva L. Baker, James A. Banks, Peter Cookson, Lorna M. Earl, Richard F. Elmore, Michael Fullan, Geneva Gay, Willis D. Hawley, Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Kenneth Leithwood, Ann Lieberman, Judith Warren Little, Lynne Miller, P. Karen Murphy, Fred M. Newmann, Sonia Nieto, Janet Ward Schofield, Walter G. Stephan, Gary Sykes, and Linda Valli.

Educators at all levels, policymakers, and parents will discover how to apply the lessons learned from research. This essential handbook provides new chapters, including exemplary practice on teaching and learning for a multicultural society and on continuous school improvement.

Now you can advance to the next level of change with an integral resource for school reform.

Reg Weaver
Introduction to the Second Edition
Donald L. Rollie
Preface: The Problem of Continuous School Improvement
Michael Fullan
1. Educational Reform as Continuous Improvement
P. Karen Murphy and Patricia A. Alexander
2. Contextualizing Learner-Centered Principles for Teachers and Teaching
Fred M. Newmann
3. Improving Acheivement for All Students: The Meaning of Staff Shared Understanding and Commitment
Judith Warren Little
4. Professional Communication and Collaboration
Eva L. Baker
5. Teacher Use of Formal Assessment in the Classroom
Lorna M. Earl
6. Assessment as Learning
Ann Lieberman and Lynne Miller
7. Transforming Professional Development: Understanding and Organizing Learning Communities
Willis D. Hawley and Linda Valli
8. Design Principles for Learner-Centered Professional Development
Kenneth Leithwood
9. Organizational Conditions That Enhance Teaching and Learning
Willis D. Hawley and Gary Sykes
10. Continuous School Improvement
James A. Banks, Peter Cookson, Geneva Gay, Willis D. Hawley, Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Sonia Nieto, Janet Ward Schofield, and Walter G. Stephan
11. Essential Principles for Teaching and Learning for a Multicultural Society
Richard F. Elmore
12. Local School Districts and Instructional Improvement
About the Editors
About the Contributors

“This is a book that we need now more than ever. Continuous improvement stands at the heart of school leadership and school improvement. This update brings the best thinkers and the strongest voices on the topic together to help launch a stronger and deeper effort for improvement that is likely to sustain itself. Readers will find this new edition timely and helpful.”

Thomas J. Sergiovanni, Lillian Radford Professor of Education
Trinity University

“An illuminating, must-read book that brings laser-like focus from several perspectives about the most important components in sustainable school reform.”


Jerry D. Weast, Superintendent of Schools
Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

“Provides valuable insights into how systematic reform works, offers suggestions regarding successful learning environments, and addresses the need for intensive, long-term professional development for the purpose of engaging teachers, administrators, and their colleagues in communities of practice supported by a strong school culture.”

Pedro Reyes
University of Texas

This book did not meet the needs of my course.

Dr Linda Allen
Educational Resources Dept, Jacksonville State University
February 20, 2012

Willis D. Hawley

Willis D. Hawley is Professor of Education and Public Affairs at the Univer­sity of Maryland, where he served as Dean of the College of Education from 1993 to 1998. He taught at Yale, Duke, and Vanderbilt universities before going to Maryland. He has published numerous books, articles, and book chapters dealing with teacher education, school reform, urban politics, po­litical learning, organizational change, school desegregation, and educa­tional policy. His most recent research deals with the professional develop­ment of teachers, the education of teachers (in the United States and Japan), school restructuring and... More About Author

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