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The K-12 Literacy Leadership Fieldbook

The K-12 Literacy Leadership Fieldbook

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Literacy, K-12 | Principalship

March 2014 | 160 pages | Corwin
A proven literacy system is the key to successful readers, writers and learners!

Do you recognize the connection between students who read and students who are truly learning? Do your students need literacy help before they can perform higher-level writing and content learning activities? Are you looking for a reliable approach to improve literacy in your classroom, school, or district? This fieldbook sets forth a plan for improving literacy for students from nursery through to secondary school.

The K-12 Literacy Leadership Fieldbook demonstrates a proven process for creating a fail-safe system of literacy that results in measurable improvement. Blending leadership strategy with in-depth literacy knowledge, Taylor and Gunter show educators how to improve literacy through:

- Using software and technology integration to enhance curriculum and instruction

- Collaborating to set expectations for daily practice and a common language to drive instruction

- Using data to determine what works and what doesn't in your literacy program

- Developing a fail-safe literacy point of view throughout your school

Students who enjoy reading become better writers, more involved learners, and joyful readers, proving success in literacy is essential for success in learning!

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About the Authors
1. Schools and Districts Committing to Literacy Leadership
2. Collaborating Based on Research
3. Developing the System of Literacy Through Collaboration
4. Using Exemplars to Kick Up Literacy Learning a Notch
5. Using Data to Drive Fail-Safe Literacy Learning
6. Enhancing Reading, Writing, and Content Learning With Technology
7. Completing the Fail-Safe System of Literacy
Resource A. APEL Template
Resource B. Fail-Safe Literacy System Planning Process

"For years, we have struggled with teaching reading at the middle and high school levels. Dr. Taylor's book provided the guidance that we so desperately needed. Her book could not have been more timely or more helpful. The book provides us a pathway to accelerating our students' literacy skills and literacy collaboration to support our teachers."

Janet Hurt, Associate Superintendent
Logan County Schools, Russellville, KY

"This is a must read for all school personnel interested in creating a literacy plan for their school that will work!! I have had the personal pleasure of working with Dr. Taylor to establish a K-12 literacy process in our school district. I have seen the process work first hand and experienced the power of the results. Dr. Taylor has captured the step-by-step process in her field book for all schools to follow for successful implementation."
-Dr. Dale Moxley, Director of 6-12 Curriculum & Instruction
Lake County Schools, Tavares, FL

Dr. Dale Moxley, Director
Curriculum & Instruction Gr. 6-12, Lake County Schools, Tavares, FL

Rosemarye T. Taylor

Rosemarye (Rose) Taylor has a rich background that includes middle and high teaching, school administration, and district administration. She was a reading, language arts, and Spanish teacher, and counselor, followed by service as a middle and high school administrator, and district level administrator in Georgia and Florida, USA. In private sector management she was Director of Professional Development for Scholastic, Inc., New York. Currently, she is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. As Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Central Florida, her... More About Author

Glenda A. Gunter

Glenda A. Gunter, Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, has a Ph.D. in Instructional/Educational Technology. She has over eighteen years experience in education and educational technology, working with schools and educational organizations to integrate technology. She serves as Program Coordinator of a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology that prepares classroom teacher to apply technological tools to the learning process and to develop leadership skills necessary to become site-based technology facilitators, instructional designers, and technology leaders in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade schools. ... More About Author

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