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Integrating Science With Mathematics & Literacy

Integrating Science With Mathematics & Literacy
New Visions for Learning and Assessment

Second Edition
Edited by:

Foreword by Robert E. Yager

October 2007 | 200 pages | Corwin
Defining new visions for science, mathematics, and language arts education, the authors provide a clearly articulated set of performance assessments, allowing teachers to assess students' knowledge and abilities through investigation, problem solving, inventiveness, and inquiry.

Featuring activities that promote higher-order thinking skills and help develop more complex cognitive functions, this resource offers more than 20 ready-to-use assessments linked to national standards with tools that include:

o Learning logs

o Portfolios

o Peer interview strategies

o Teacher-student sample interviews

o Problems to solve both individually and as a group.

Foreword by Robert E. Yager
Part I. Theory
1. What Is Science?
2. New Visions for Mathematics and Language Literacy
3. Developing Rubrics for Teaching and Assessment Performance Tasks
4. Putting It All Together: Integrated Performance Tasks for Learning and Assessment
Part II. Application
5. Adventuring Back in Time
6. The Dog Washing Business
7. May the Force Be With You
8. Water, Water Everywhere
9. A Wholesome Partnership
10. A-W-L for One and One for A-W-L
11. The Mysterious Package
12. Up, Up, and Away
13. Role-ing Through Science and Technology
Appendix A. Answers to Criterion-Referenced Tests

"An excellent resource for science teachers. Includes user-friendly, ready-to-use assessments, complete with analytical rubrics that can be adapted to almost any classroom!"

Melissa Miller, Science Teacher
Lynch Middle School, Farmington, AR

"Designing and using performance assessment tools can be very challenging for beginning teachers. The authors offer a fantastic starting point for all science educators to examine their current method of assessment and apply new and different types of authentic assessment strategies across the curriculum."

Sheila Smith, Science Specialist/National Science Foundation Project Director
Jackson Public Schools, MS

"Teachers who are exploring new ways of integrating mathematics and writing into their science curriculum will be well served by this book. The activities are general enough to provide creative teachers with numerous ideas for incorporating the various tools into their own curricular activities."

NSTA Recommends, January 2008
National Science Teachers Association

"The instructional templates and plans offered will enable readers to incorporate the key ideas into their current lessons."

Curriculum Connections, Spring 2008
School Library Journal

Elizabeth Hammerman

Elizabeth Hammerman is a dedicated science educator and consultant. Her professional background includes teaching science at the middle school and high school levels and over 20 years of experience teaching university science education courses and co-directing funded grant projects. She has done extensive professional development with teachers in the field, specializing in curriculum development and implementation, performance assessment, and effective teaching and learning. The need for high-quality professional development programs and materials in science education became apparent throughout the many projects and professional... More About Author

Diann L. Musial

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