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Holistic Accountability

Holistic Accountability
Serving Students, Schools, and Community

November 2001 | 120 pages | Corwin
An important addition to the Experts In Assessment series, Holistic Accountability is an essential guide to creating a holistic accountability system. Douglas B Reeves includes four building blocks: structure; collaboration; implementation; and communication, plus step-by-step instructions on creating a holistic accountability system. Each chapter builds upon the other until the final pieces come together in chapter eight. The author defines holistic accountability, dispels accountability myths, and suggests better ways to improve teaching and learning and always focuses on the central purpose of accountability, which is the improvement of student achievement.

About the Author
Series Editors' Introduction
1. What Is Holistic Accountability
2. Caught in the Middle: The Consequences of Accountability
3. A Better Way: Using Holistic Accountability to Improve Teaching and Learning
4. Community Collaboration: Making Accountability a Constructive Force
5. Accountability and Academic Standards: The Essential Connection
6. Models of Effective Accountability Systems
7. Ten Steps to Creating a Holistic Accountability System
8. Rhetoric and Reason: Communicating About Educational Accountability
Appendix A: Sample Accoutability Reports
Appendix B: Resources for Accountability Systems

"A great practitioner’s guide to improving student achievement through accountability. Dr. Reeves has taken a very challenging topic and made it "user friendly," focusing on the true mission of education, which is improving student learning. Accountability is much more than test scores, as Dr. Reeves points out in this outstanding book." 

Terry J. Thompson, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, Indianapolis, IN

"Dr. Reeves makes sense of the hodgepodge of issues that currently surrounds educational accountability. The concepts are turned into practical applications that not only address the concerns of school personnel and community members, but also focus on improving student achievement." 

Dr. Deanna Housefeld
Director (Retired), Department of Research and Assessment, Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee, WI

"Doug Reeves knows education—not from an ivory tower perspective, but from that of a committed practitioner. His work provides a refreshingly constructive take on the issue of accountability: Data should be used to build learning, instruction, and educational policy, not to punish students or teachers." 

Dr. Jeff Howard
President, The Efficacy Institute

"There is not a concept in education that is used more and understood less than ‘accountability.’ In Holistic Accountability, Doug Reeves brings clarity and understanding to the concept. He illustrates how complex and multidimensional the concept becomes when it is invoked in a thoughtful and just manner. This book should be read and its recommendations followed by anyone seriously attempting to make sense of this buzzword."

Dr. Lawrence W. Lezotte
Effective Schools Product, Ltd., Okemo, MI

 "We have seen Reeves’s work positively impact student achievement in small systems, large districts, and statewide implementations. His practical approach to assessment and accountability provides a clear picture of the interaction between leadership, assessment, teaching, and the learning process. The holistic accountability cycle serves as a blueprint for making accountability a constructive force for improving teaching and learning."

Karen Young
President, NSCI and Learning 24/7

"In Holistic Accountability, Reeves succeeds in recasting the accountability dilemma into a win-win plan for school administrators who are weary of the test score sweepstakes and for policy makers who are demanding results. It is an excellent approach—one that is sound, reasonable, comprehensive, and relevant. The accompanying sample accountability reports are very useful. Policy makers and school administrators who are frustrated with the scoreboard version of accountability will find Holistic Accountability refreshing and satisfying. Happily, it is free of jargon and succeeds in demystifying and recasting one of the most contentious areas in public education today.

School business administrators will also find the book an excellent primer about accountability and may draw a parallel with their own efforts to move beyond viewing fiscal data not as a documentation of what was spent, but how expenditures improved student achievement."

Cecilia Di Bella, Superintendent of Nahant School District
Nahant, MA
School Business Affairs, OCtober 2002

Douglas B. Reeves

Dr. Douglas Reeves is the author of more than 40 books and more than 100 articles on leadership and education. He has twice been named to the Harvard University Distinguished Authors Series and was named the Brock International Laureate for his contributions to education. His career of work in professional learning led to the Contribution to the Field Award from the US National Staff Development Council, now Learning Forward. He was also named the William Walker Scholar by the Australian Council of Educational Leaders. His recent books include Deep Change Leadership, Achieving Equity and Excellence, From Leading to Succeeding,... More About Author

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