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High-Performance Mentoring Participant's Notebook

High-Performance Mentoring Participant's Notebook
A Multimedia Program for Training Mentor Teachers

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August 1999 | 144 pages | Corwin
''''Helping beginning teachers 'over the hump' of their first year is no easy job. It takes dedicated and well-trained mentors. High-Performance Mentoring helps experienced educators meet the unique challenges of mentoring first-year teachers. This ParticipantÆs Notebook, used in conjunction with the training workshop, will help you:''''''Explore the mentoring process ''Understand the problems and concerns of the beginning teacher ''Identify the six essential qualities of a high-performance mentor ''Adapt your mentoring practices to meet the needs of your mentee ''Deliver quality interpersonal support''''The ParticipantÆs Notebook includes copies of all slides or overheads and other training materials used in the workshop. As you add your own notes, it becomes your personal guide to becoming a high-performance mentor.''The ParticipantÆs Notebook is part of the High-Performance Mentoring Kit, which also includes over 120 minutes of professionally produced videotapes, a CD-ROM (Mac and Windows compatible) containing more than 250 slides, and a FacilitatorÆs Guide. ''

James B. Rowley

James B. Rowley is the James Leary Professor in the School of Education and Allied Professions at the University of Dayton and the executive director of the Institute for Technology-Enhanced Learning. Over the past 20 years, he has focused his scholarship on the training and support of mentors and beginning teachers and has served as an entry-year program consultant and mentor teacher trainer for over 100 school districts. He is also the co-creator of other multimedia training programs, including Recruiting and Training Successful Substitute Teachers (1998), Becoming a Star Urban Teacher (1995), and Mentoring the New Teacher (1994). In... More About Author

Patricia M. Hart

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