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High-Five Teaching, K–5

High-Five Teaching, K–5
Using Green Light Strategies to Create Dynamic, Student-Focused Classrooms

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November 2012 | 208 pages | Corwin
Educators are under pressure to create a learning environment where children are engaged as well as achieving better testing results. This book gives primary teachers a wealth of practical tips, examples, ideas and strategies to increase student interaction and motivation and ultimately improve student achievement.

High-Five Teaching, K–5 provides proven strategies for improving morale and community in the classroom and shows how to motivate primary students to take on those more challenging, rigorous academic tasks. This book:

- Is packed with practical strategies designed to be in tune with the way today's digitally savvy students learn best

- Offers sample lesson plans that help teachers implement the strategies

- Demonstrates the concepts with real examples pulled from Cindy Rickert's experience as a current elementary school teacher

- Includes an appendix of sample forms, games, and other classroom resources

Covering student responsibility, motivation and engagement, teachable moments, movement, the creation of lesson plans, and setting up the classroom for the first days of school, this is a resource that has something for every primary teacher.

About The Authors
Principle 1. True Learning Communities: Students Taking Responsibility
Principle 2. Optimum Learning Conditions: Creating Safety and Security
Principle 3. Teaching to the Moment: Working Within Their World
Principle 4. Learning Beyond Listening: Linking Action and Understanding
Principle 5. The Learning Spiral: Building Success on Success
Chapter 6. Five-by-Five: Setting the Stage for Student Success
Chapter 7. High-Five Lesson Sets: Combining Green Light Strategies and High Five Principles Into Dynamic Lessons
Chapter 8. The High-Five Toolkit
Chapter 9. A Final Note

“The ideas in this book make learning come alive in your classroom. The authors present ideas and activities that almost any teacher could implement with few questions or problems. I have not seen anything like this!”

Linda K. Taylor, Assistant Professor
Ball State University

“Every teacher who is ready to move beyond ‘this is how it was taught to me’ and step into the future of how 21st-century students learn needs to read this book. With this book, teachers can truly discover what it takes to reach and empower every learner. High-Five Teaching is replete with specific examples and suggestions any teacher can use as exciting and fun ideas that work for today’s students."

Renee Peoples, Teacher Leader
Swain West Elementary, Bryson City, NC

Richard William Allen

Learn more about Rich Allen's PD offeringsRichard Allen is an international consultant with more than 25 years experience coaching trainers and educators. Cofounder and president of Education Illustrated, he has taken the TrainSmart strategies beyond the United States and Canada to such diverse countries as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Russia, Jordan, and Brazil. Allen is also a popular keynote speaker at international conferences, and he facilitates moti­vational and teambuilding workshops. Allen started his educational career as a high school math and drama teacher. In 1985, he became a lead... More About Author

Cindy Waldman

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