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Great Quotes to Inspire Great Teachers

Great Quotes to Inspire Great Teachers

  • Noah benShea - Noah benShea is one of North America’s most respected and beloved poet-philosophers. An international, best selling author of 22 books translated into 18 languages, Noah’s work is embraced by millions.

August 2001 | 200 pages | Corwin
Just as teachers strive to inspire their students, author Noah benShea aims to replenish the well of inspiration within teachers in his book, Great Quotes to Inspire Great Teachers. Educators are constantly challenged, not only to meet the needs of their students, but also to spark their enthusiasm for knowledge. The ideas in this book are culled from the centuries. They are timely and timeless, as great teachers are never out of date. In its own way, this book is designed to be a wise and gentle friend; not unlike a great teacher.

"Noah benShea is a wise and compassionate man. His writings have touched me deeply. I highly recommend his work!"

Jack Canfield
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"To detect the quiet of each soul’s unspoken yearning or suffering and to spin the gossamer into lines that speak to all of us definitely seems to be Noah beShea’s unique talent." 

Professor John McManmon, PhD
Department of English, University of California, Los Angeles

"Noah beShea is skilled in opening a whole world in the most minute of spaces or to bringing home a point we may have missed while we were looking and he was seeing." 

Robert Schaeffer
Editor, Blue Stocking-Critical Review of Literature, University of California, Los Angeles

Noah benShea

Noah benShea is one of North America's most respected and beloved poet-philosophers, and a source of strength to millions around the world. He is the international best selling author of 20 books translated into 18 languages, including the famed Jacob the Baker series. He has spoken and taught at the best universities; served as a Dean at UCLA, visiting lecturer at MIT and The Fuqua Graduate Business School at Duke University, guest professor of Philosophy at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School, and a Fellow at several long range think tanks including USC's Center for the Humanities, and the esteemed Center for the... More About Author

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