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Good to Great to Innovate

Good to Great to Innovate
Recalculating the Route to Career Readiness, K-12+

Foreword by Michael Fullan, Epilogue by Andy Hargreaves

September 2014 | 312 pages | Corwin

"Through extensive research and practical examples, this outstanding book puts forward a compelling case for structured, collaborative inquiry processes to achieve success for ALL students.” —Janelle Wills, Director Marzano Institute Australia

How can schools best prepare students for the highly competitive job market and global economy? This compelling book presents a transformative approach to college and career readiness within the public education system, based on data and best practices contributed by outstanding schools on five continents. 

Written for education leaders at all levels, this resource shows how to

  • Design an innovative  Pathways approach to career readiness  that empowers students as informed decision-makers
  • Integrate career training into curriculum through a network of local community partners 
  • Develop an approach to life-skill preparation, K-12+, that is inclusive of all. 

Learn how educators—and entire school systems—can consistently support career development, helping students find rewarding paths forward.

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Foreword by Michael Fullan
1. Charting the Course
Understanding Current Structures

Setting a Course for Recalculation

Mapping Pathways to Career Readiness

Navigating Pathways to Career Readiness

From Good to Great to Innovate

2. Leadership Matters!
Leadership Context Matters

Leadership Roles Matter

Motion Leadership Matters

Innovation Leadership Matters

What Matters Most in Leading Innovation?

Breaking Barriers

From Good to Great to Innovate

3. All FACES Matter!
Relentless Pursuit to Excellence and Achievement - Matters!

Shared Beliefs and Understandings

An Inclusive Equitable Learning Community: Constructing Pathways Together Matters

A Culture of Innovation and Mutual Respect

From Good to Great to Innovate

4. Closing the Gap to Raise the Bar
Data Matters!

Foundational Literacy Skills Matter!

Getting Started

From Good to Great to Innovate

5. Choice Matters!
Learning Journeys

Clearing the Pathway Congestion

Clearly Articulated Pathways Matter!

Shared Learning: What's Working?

From Good to Great to Innovate

6. Skilled Teachers Matter!
Knowledge Building and Knowledge Creation

Collaborative Inquiry as Knowledge Mobilization

Experiential Learning Is for Everyone!

From Good to Great to Innovate

Epilogue by Andy Hargreaves
Appendix A: Recalculating the Route: Striking a New Leadership Balance

Appendix B: Detailed Explanation of How Individual Lenses of the Innovation Leadership Prism Are Relational

Appendix C: Tips for Parents

Appendix D: Sample Pathways Questions

Appendix D Continued: Sample Student Pathway Questions

Appendix E: Career Pathways in Agriculture & Career Pathways for Health Care Settings in York Region

Appendix F: Co-Teaching Cycle

Appendix G: Sample Pathway Tracking

Appendix H: Student "Innovation Mindset" Self-Assessment Sheet

Appendix I: Exploring Opportunities Program (EOP) Credit Accumulation

Appendix J: Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP)

Appendix K: Forms of Experiential Learning


"Congratulations and thanks Lyn Sharratt and Gale Harild for this inspirational look at Innovation as the next step to move school systems from Good to Great. Lynn and Gale have synthesized current research and put forward real-life case studies to demonstrate that students succeed when there is an acute focus on instructional practice that is elevated by shifts in teacher mind-set and leadership development. The authors have cleverly presented complex data and research using straightforward language and graphics. This enticing approach will help educators clearly understand that the attainable solutions presented in each chapter will support every student. The examples and advice shared throughout this book and it's precursor, Putting FACES on the Data have been catalysts for leading my team to thoughtful collective action within our K- 12 Family of Schools as we create pathways for literate graduates together."

Joy Uniac, Superintendent of Education
Peel District School Board, Ontario, Canada

"Through extensive research and practical examples, this outstanding book puts forward a compelling case for structured, collaborative inquiry processes to achieve success for ALL students. We are reminded of the importance of maintaining a relentless focus, keeping alignment at all levels and feedback processes where feedback is both given and received. Significantly, the authors show that attention to perception data, particularly those of students, is vital in order to move from Good to Great to Innovate. The emphasis on student voice and collaboration between all stakeholders, elements too often lacking in previous school improvement conversations, sets this book apart and lays the foundation for leaders at all levels to challenge the ‘status quo’."

Janelle Wills, Director
Marzano Institute Australia

"Without question the job market demands agility, resourcefulness, innovation and fearlessness. How will the education community respond?  The authors of Good to Great to Innovate brilliantly map the DNA of a relevant education. Our call: to strip barriers and envision unlimited pathways to success."

Debbie Hedgepeth, Assistant Superintendent
Vail Unified School District

"The authors are to be applauded for advocating it is time for education leaders and skilled teachers to re-claim their role in the dynamic processes of educational change, particularly in the current context of the complex ‘social drivers’ identified early in the text. Innovative approaches to setting the course for career readiness and fostering positive attitudes to life-long learning are presented and supported with a veritable smorgasbord (including input from over forty-one jurisdictions around the world), of supports, resources and guidance systems to assist all students in finding their own ‘True North’."

Susan E. Elliot-Johns, Ph.D.
Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University

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Lyn D. Sharratt

Lyn Sharratt is a practitioner and researcher working in remote and urban settings worldwide. Lyn is an Adjunct Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada; a Fellow at University of Melbourne, Australia; an author consultant for Corwin Press; an advisor for International School Leadership with the Ontario Principals’ Council; and consults internationally, working with system, school, and teacher leaders at all levels in Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Lyn focuses her time and effort on increasing each student’s growth... More About Author

Gale Harild

Gale Harild is an educational practitioner and Pathway consultant. She is currently an instructional leader for York University. Gale served as curriculum administrator for the York Region District School Board in Ontario where over the past 12 years she provided regional leadership and program/resource development for Experiential Learning models including, but not limited to, cooperative education programming, international programming, service learning, and apprenticeship programs. Working with her Pathway team, Gale initiated and supported the successful start-up of sixty Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) programs across the... More About Author

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