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Game Theory Topics

Game Theory Topics
Incomplete Information, Repeated Games and N-Player Games

May 1998 | 79 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Game theory, particularly the use of repeated games, N-person games, and incomplete information games have been popular research techniques in political science, sociology and management, but difficult for new social researchers to use until now.

This book aims makes these topics accessible to all social scientists. Using a common social science game, Chicken, to illustrate the concepts, the book introduces readers to: games of incomplete information; how to build uncertainty into game theoretic models; the concept of Bayesian Nash equilibrium; and the role of repetition.

Game Theory
How It Is Used

Imperfect and Incomplete Information
Repeated Games
N-Player Games

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Evelyn C. Fink

Scott Gates

Research InterestApplied Game Theoretic Analysis, International Relations Theory, International Political Economy, Formal Models of Bureaucracy, Economic Modeling More About Author

Brian D. Humes

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ISBN: 9780761910169

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