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Forever Incomplete

Forever Incomplete
The Story of Nepal

First Edition

September 2013 | 300 pages | SAGE India
Forever Incomplete is the story of the Kingdom of Nepal. It will take the reader through various periods in her long history-from the birth and unification of the country, attempts at expansion, and clashes with neighbouring powers to the demarcation of its present-day borders. The story also covers the tussles for power within the court, the awakening of the people and their attempts to gain power. Myths, legends and history are intertwined to give the reader a fresh and revealing perspective on Nepal and the challenges she faces in the years ahead.

The author belongs to a well-known family of Nepal. His unique vantage point makes this book an insider's account that has been written with deep understanding of Nepal. It is peppered with fascinating personal accounts from the author which give the reader insights into the socio-political milieu of the years in discussion.


From Gorkha to Nepal

Of Wool and War

Bivouac at the Gomati

The First Four

Vikram Sambat 2007

The King Rules

Vikram Sambat 2046

Sinning Again

Mero Ahwan







Mahendra Man Singh

Mahendra Man Singh is a first time author and a commentator on the social and political conditions in Nepal. His professional life has mostly been in the private sector and currently he is Founding and Managing Director of TMB-Energietechnik (responsible for Alternate Energy Projects). He has been actively involved in the politics of Nepal and is a known face in the corridors of power—both in the now deposed monarchy and in the Nepali Congress.He has been actively involved in social programmes such as the Organization for Participation in Development (ORDEV) Nepal, of which he was the Founder-President. The author has taken keen interest... More About Author

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