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Fiscal Fitness for School Administrators

Fiscal Fitness for School Administrators
How to Stretch Resources and Do Even More With Less

October 2000 | 192 pages | Corwin
This is the first comprehensive guide for making the most of all school resourses - and even thriving in times of dwindling funds. This no-nonsense handbook covers every aspect of fiscal fitness for today's schools; from cutting costs without cutting essential programmes and accomplishing as much as before or more with less staff, to running a low cost, no frills activity programme and finding and raising money for your school.
Coming to Grips with Reality

How to Cut Costs without Cutting Essential Programs and Services
How to Accomplish as Much or More with Less Staff
How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Program Buck
How to Get Everyone Involved in Fiscal Fitness
How to Find, Raise and Attract Money in Hard Times
How to Make the Most of Time - The Resource That Keeps On Ticking
More Ways to Save Time and Money
Success Stories
A Final Word

Robert D. Ramsey

Robert D. Ramsey is a lifelong educator who has served as a "leader of leaders" in three award-winning school districts in two different states. His frontline experience includes positions a teacher, counselor, assistant principal, curriculum director, assistant superintendent, acting superintendent, and adjunct professor. Most recently, he has served as associate superintendent in the St. Louis Park (MN) schools, where every school has been designated by the federal government as a National School of Excellence. Ramsey is now working full-time as a freelance writer in Minneapolis. More About Author

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