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Faculty Groups

Faculty Groups
From Frustration to Collaboration

October 2004 | 192 pages | Corwin
Faculty Groups That Work will take the research and theory of work groups from the social sciences and illustrate the concepts with examples, illustrations, and best practices drawn from schools. Susan Wheelan is an expert in teams and work groups and has worked extensively in education at all levels.

She includes multiple surveys, assessments, and instruments for team members and team leaders to measure their skills and target areas for improvement. Teambuilding activities are also included to help move teams through the different development stages, making this book perfect for staff development.

About the Author
1. Why Educators Should Work Together: The Case for Faculty Teamwork
2. How Groups Develop and How Groups Get Stuck
3. Skillful Membership
4. Skillful Leadership
5. Designing Effective Meetings
6. Keeping Your Group on Track During Stage I and II
7. Keeping Your Group on Track During Stage III and IV
8. Intergroup Collaboration and Culture Change
9. Supporting Teams and Providing Professional Development
10. Imagining a Collaborative Future: Some Stories and a Modest Proposal
Resource A: Effective Member Checklist
Resource B: The Collaboration Survey
Resource C: Effective Leader Checklist
Resource D: Team Performance Checklist
Resource E: The Organizational Support Checklist

"This is an astounding handbook for educators. What we've needed is exactly what this book provides."

Jan Kesseling, Superintendent
Madison Loral School District, Middletown, OH

Susan A. Wheelan

Susan Wheelan was president of GDQ Associates, Inc. Until 2001, she was a professor of psychological studies and faculty director of the Training and Development Center at Temple University. Dr. Wheelan received Temple University’s Great Teacher Award in 1992. She also worked as a psychologist in a number of hospital and clinical settings. Dr. Wheelan is the author of Facilitating Training Groups; Group Processes: A Developmental Perspective; Creating Effective Teams: A Guide for Members and Leaders; and Faculty Groups: From Frustration to Collaboration. She is editor of the Handbook of Group Research and Practice and co-editor of The... More About Author

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