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Explicit Direct Instruction for English Learners

Explicit Direct Instruction for English Learners

January 2013 | 344 pages | Corwin
John Hollingsworth and Silivia Ybarra's How to Teach English Learners: Explicit Direct Instruction for English Learners is designed to help teachers deliver effective lessons that can significantly improve achievement for their English language learners. In this teacher-friendly book, the authors combine educational theory, brain research, and data analysis in a step-by-step guide for using the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) method with English language learners. Written in an entertaining, teacher-friendly, easy-to-read style with classroom examples, boxed features, and detailed sample lessons, the book covers checking for understanding, lesson objectives, activating prior knowledge, concept and skills development, guided practice, and much more.
About the Authors
Part I. Getting Ready
1. English Learners Learning Every Day: Who Are They? What Do They Need?
2. English Learners Need Explicit Direct Instruction: The Well-Crafted, Powerfully Taught Lesson
3. Checking for Understanding: How to Verify That English Learners Are Learning
Part II. Strategies for English Learners
4. Vocabulary Development: How to Teach English Learners New Words in Every Lesson
5. Language Objectives: How to Have English Learners Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing English in Every Lesson
6. Content Access Strategies: How to Make English Easier to Understand for English Learners
Part III. Integrating Strategies for English Learners Into EDI Lessons
7. How to Present a Learning Objective to English Learners
8. How to Activate Prior Knowledge for English Learners
9. How to Teach Concepts to English Learners: Concept Development
10. How to Teach Skills to English Learners and Provide Guided Practice
11. How to Teach Lesson Importance to English Learners
12. How to Close a Lesson and Provide Independent Practice and Periodic Review for English Learners
13. Well-Crafted, Powerfully-Taught Lessons: Implementing Explicit Direct Instruction for English Learners
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"I recommend this book to anyone working with English learners. It provides step-by-step lesson design and delivery to ensure that all ELs have access to the lesson content."

Dr. Freda Rossi, Manager EL & Billingual Programs for Secondary, Curriculum & Instruction
San Jose Unified School District, San Jose, CA

"This book does a great job at presenting specific strategies for English learners. It is very thorough and each chapter is presented as if it were “EDI'd” for readers to comprehend the material and implement it right away."

Keila Rodriguez, District and School Support Coordinator
Imperial County Office of Education, El Centro, CA

"As a veteran ELL teacher, I appreciated this book showing ways to teach the basics of English learning within the teaching of content standards. The emphasis on choral reading for concept connections and student engagement and using higher-order questioning fit perfectly into our new rigorous framework for teaching."

Autumn Jennings, ELL Teacher
Meadowview Middle School, Hamblen County, TN

"What a great addition to every teacher’s toolkit! The authors show us how to include language acquisition in every lesson: It’s just 'good teaching' for ELs!"

Amy Nichols Webb, ESL Teacher
Hillcrest Elementary School, Morristown, TN

John R. Hollingsworth

John Hollingsworth is president of DataWORKS Educational Research, a company originally created to use real data to improve student achievement. Although DataWORKS started by analyzing learning outcomes (test scores), it soon refocused towards analyzing learning inputs (classroom instructional practices). DataWORKS now focuses mainly on providing staff development to schools on classroom instruction. John is an active researcher and presenter and has published numerous articles in educational publications. He spends much of his time on the road training teachers. More About Author

Silvia E. Ybarra

Dr. Silvia Ybarra, Ed.D., began her career in education as a physics and chemistry teacher at Roosevelt High School in Fresno, California.  Next, Silvia became principal of Wilson Middle School in Exeter, California, which under her leadership became a prestigious Distinguished School.  Silvia was then named assistant superintendent of Coalinga-Huron School District. Her focus progressed from helping one classroom to helping one school to helping an entire district.  Silvia is the head researcher at DataWORKS.   More About Author

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