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Engaging Young Children With Informational Books

Engaging Young Children With Informational Books

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September 2013 | 232 pages | Corwin
This book offers an approach to and examples of integrating language arts and science. Each chapter contains one or more Windows into Practice - brief descriptions or accounts by teachers of events in their classrooms; teachers' narratives provide specific illustrations of principles or activities presented. The book also contains examples of teacher guides, children's work samples, and supplementary materials that can be used by family members or individuals who provide after-school activities.
Series Preface to Classroom Insights
About the Authors
1. English Language Arts in the Early Years of School: Priorities and Consequences
2. Do Young Children Find Informational Books Hard to Understand?
3. Are Young Children Really Interested in Informational Books?
4. What Should I Consider When Selecting Informational Books?
5. How Can I Use Shared Informational Book Reading in my Classroom to Build Children's Reading Skills and Background Knowledge?
6. How Can I Incoporate Writing With Informational Books?
7. How Can Parents Use Informational Books to Support Children's Learning?
References for Children's Books
References for Research Sources

"This book is an urgent read for all teachers and parents of young children who want their kids to achieve long-term academic success! This book will drastically change how I read and how I encourage writing with my students and children. I am very grateful to Mantzicopoulos and Patrick for reminding me how essential informational reading and writing are, not only to the development of language arts skills, but to the reintroduction of science and social studies to daily elementary education. Including informational texts in the classroom is necessary if we are to produce students prepared for success on an international scale."

Nina Orellana, Title I Teacher
Palm Bay Academy Charter School, Palm Bay, FL

"This book is a must have for elementary educators, teachers, and professional faculty.  It illustrates the power of reading while also introducing the whole idea of students and how others interpret success with them."

Robert E. Yager, Professor of Science Education
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Helen Patrick

Dr. Helen Patrick is a Professor of Educational Psychology in Purdue University’s College of Education. Her teaching and research focus on promoting positive classroom environments that promote students’ learning, understanding, and motivation. She has worked in numerous elementary schools in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. For the past seven years she has worked with teachers and children in ethnically-diverse kindergartens, focusing on ways to successfully integrate teaching “big ideas” of science with reading and writing activities. Read more about this Scientific Literacy Project, funded by the US Department of Education, at http:/... More About Author

Panayota Youli Mantzicopoulos

Dr. Panayota (Youli) Mantzicopoulos is Professor of Educational Psychology in Purdue University’s College of Education. Her interests include early personal-social development and learning in diverse environments. Her research has examined the effectiveness of early grade-retention practices, the development of self-competence beliefs, early teacher-child relationships, and shared-reading of informational texts as a context for learning both at home and school. Her most recent work has been associated with the Scientific Literacy Project ( where she has focused on the integration of... More About Author

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