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Energizing Staff Meetings

Energizing Staff Meetings

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January 2013 | 192 pages | Corwin
Could your staff meetings use a zap of energy? Do you want more participation and less reluctance when you gather your team together? Good teachers know that fun, emotion, meaningful connections, and high expectations drive learning and committed attention to a task. This sourcebook overflows with strategies, activities, and resources designed to bring these all-important qualities into the faculty meeting.

Teacher leaders will discover the keys to improved collaboration, teamwork, and productivity - and new tools to improve group processes. By modeling best practice at staff meetings, leaders also give their teachers new engagement tools that they can put directly to use in their classrooms. The authors demonstrate how to reduce the "chore" factor of meetings by:

• Lightening the atmosphere with creative approaches

• Starting with purpose-focused theme music and other energizers

• Building relationships within the team that transform the school culture

• Overcoming barriers to productivity

• Rewarding and appreciating staff in innovative ways

• Closing the meeting with a bang--and a plan

As the energy from your staff meetings ripples through the school, every teacher and classroom will experience the motivation and focus that you create!

About the Authors
Chapter 1 - Why Energize?
Chapter 2 - Barriers to Good Staff Meetings and How to Overcome Them
Chapter 3 - Great Beginnings
Chapter 4 - Keeping the Group Engaged
Chapter 5 - Building on the Positive Emotional Connections of Staff Members
Chapter 6 - Extended Meetings . . . When You Have More Time
Chapter 7 - Closing the Meeting With a Bang!
Chapter 8 - Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

"Sheila and John Eller have used their experiences in educational institutions to frame their suggestions in ways that are easy to relate to our own uses. One of the strengths of the book is the manner in which the authors examine each meeting aspect, described how problems might hamper the effectiveness of a meeting and them provide numerous approaches to positively impact a meeting. The book is filled with fun and engaging activities. It is very easy to read and see the applicability of the content. I recommend this book to anyone who plans meetings."

NACADA Journal, Spring 2007

"The helpful suggestions and creative approaches will help school administrators create an atmosphere conducive to productive relationships that can transform a school's culture."

Curriculum Connections, Fall 2006
School Library Journal

Sheila A. Eller

Sheila Eller has worked in a multitude of educational settings during her career. In addition to her current position as a principal in the Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools, she has served as a middle school principal in the Moundsview Minnesota School District, as a principal in other schools in Minnesota and Illinois, as a university professor, as a Special Education Teacher, a Title I Math Teacher, and a self-contained classroom teacher in grades 1-4. Sheila has also been a member of the Executive Board of Minnesota ASCD and has been a regional president of the Minnesota Association of Elementary School Principals. She has... More About Author

John F. Eller

John Eller has had a variety of experiences in working with adults over the years he has been in education. His experiences include work educational leaders at Virginia Tech University, developing teacher leaders in a Maters program, serving as the Executive Director of Minnesota ASCD, work as a principal’s training center director, a position as an assistant superintendent for curriculum, learning, and staff development, and several principal positions in a variety of settings. In addition to the work he does in training and supporting facilitators, John also does work in the areas of dealing with difficult people, building professional... More About Author

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