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Energizing Staff Development Using Film Clips

Energizing Staff Development Using Film Clips
Memorable Movie Moments That Promote Reflection, Conversation, and Action

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September 2005 | 168 pages | Corwin
Make training fun, engaging, and rewarding with this powerful and available technology!

Video and DVD clips give participants an opportunity to explore values and ideas, learn about one another, and in the process, build a stronger learning community. Energizing Staff Development Using Film Clips: Memorable Movie Moments That Promote Reflection, Conversation, and Action is a resource of film and television clips that staff developers can use to encourage discussion and reflection on pertinent, common themes, including courage, communication, change, conflict, creativity, and leadership. Each chapter includes real-life examples of how clips may be used in staff development settings, quotes for extending thinking and discussion, and articles and books that relate to the chapter theme.

Each movie clip section includes:

A synopsis of the scene

An explanation of critical themes

Start and stop times

The length of the clip

Suggested discussion questions

Contexts for use

These stimulating, instructive movie clips lead to helpful conversations, create positive plans of action, and promote learning by reflection. Whether it is for a team meeting, a faculty meeting, or a training program, leaders and organizations will find a clip to generate conversations about many of the most pressing issues in education.

About the Authors
1. Film Clips That Explore Conflict
2. Film Clips That Explore Courage and Ethics
3. Film Clips That Explore Persistence, Commitment, and Values
4. Film Clips That Explore Creativity and Building Capacity
5. Film Clips That Explore Keeping Hope Alive
6. Film Clips That Explore Change
Resource: Some Pretty Firm Guidelines for Using Film Clips in Training

"One of the fastest ways to provide an understanding is through a story or a visual. Film clips do both. This book is an invaluable aid to any staff developer who wants to captivate an audience and teach at the same time."

Ruby Payne, President
aha! Process, Inc.

"Teachers, staff developers, and presenters who are eager to make their productions more engaging, vibrant, and memorable, will find this collection invaluable. Because our metaphorical minds learn through finding patterns, relationships and analogies, the use of film clips to illuminate such elusive but enduring values as persistence, courage, empathy, creativity, and hope can accelerate their meanings more powerfully than any lecture, definition, or description."

Arthur L. Costa, Professor Emeritus
California State University Sacramento

"You can only bring forth that which you can imagine, and this book allows people to imagine together through the power of film. By seeing different ways of behaving, interacting, responding, and being, people consider new ways of being for themselves and how this could change their world."

Sara L. Gjerdrum, Manager, Field Operations
Education Minnesota, St. Paul

"This exceptionally well-organized, user-friendly resource is sure to be among the most well used in the tool kit of every teacher, principal, and staff developer. Without a doubt, the video clips will elicit compelling learning conversations in faculty meetings, workshops, coursework, and all other professional settings. This resource will be invaluable in my own teaching."

Jennifer York-Barr, Associate Professor, Educational Policy & Administration
University of Minnesota

"Energizing Staff Development Using Film Clips provides a handy reference manual for workshop leaders interested in enriching and diversifying their learning sessions on values and ethics."

PsycCRITIQES, February 15, 2006 Issue

Walter R. Olsen

William Arthur Sommers

William A. Sommers, Ph.D. of Austin, Texas, continues to be a learner, teacher, principal, author, leadership coach, and consultant. Bill has come out of retirement five times to put theory into practice. He was on the Board of Trustees for five years and President for the National Staff Development Council now called Learning Forward. ... More About Author

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