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Discovering Programs for Talent Development

Discovering Programs for Talent Development

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October 2002 | 184 pages | Corwin
This book outlines the changes that have been made in the conventional wisdom of programming for the gifted and talented, discusses the emerging thinking about talent development, offers; strategies for discovering `hidden' programmes; and presents 65 such programmes that are readily available in schools, the community, and at home (most of which require little if any, additional funding)
About the Author
1. Uncovering Hidden Programs
Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Why Programs Remain Hidden

Building Program Mosaics for Full Service


Points to Ponder

2. Revealing Talent
Ideas About Talent

Definitions of Talent

Talents Light the Way

Multiple Intelligences Model

Defining Characteristics of Talented Students

Pace, Depth and Interest

Developing Profiles of Ability

Defining Characteristics and Program Development

Talent Development at Greenwood Middle School


Points to Ponder

3. Ten Telltale Signs of a Hidden Program
Item #1: Students Are Active Learners

Item #2: Students Are Involved in Decision Making

Item #3: Students Learn Strategies for How to Learn

Item #4: Teachers Facilitate Learning

Item #5: Cooperative and Collaborative Skills Are Developed

Item #6: Interdisciplinary Focus is Part of the Curricular Design

Item #7: Materials and Resources Are Rich and Far-Reaching

Item #8: Products Have Real-World Applications

Item #9: Multiple Outlets for Products Are Used

Item #10: Instructional Process Includes Parents and Community Members


Points to Ponder

4. From Hidden Programs to Inspired Programming
Program Mosaics

Pace Panel

Depth-of-Learning Panel

Interest Panel

Assembling the Mosaic

Partners in Change

Roles in Discovery and Delivery of a Program Mosaic

Guidelines for Program Planners

Guidelines for Educators

Guidelines for Parents


Points to Ponder

5. Sixty-Five Programs That Develop Talent

Academic Competitions

Accelerated Readers

Archaeological Digs

Ask an Engineer

Block Scheduling


Community Service

Computer Techs

Debate and Forensics

Distance Learning

Dress-Up Box

Dual-Language Instruction


Family Excursions

Family Investigations

Field Trips

Flex Classes

Foreign-Exchange Programs

Girls and Boys State

High School and University Dual-Enrollment Programs

History Fairs

Intramural Sports


Jazz Band

Junior Achievement

Junior Great Books

LEGO League

Mental Math


Model United Nations

Opening Night

Original Research

Outdoor Education

Parenting Classes

Peer Mediation

Power of the Pen

Problem-Based Learning

Professional Development

Quiz Bowl


Science Fair

Scouting and Y-Guide Programs


Show Choir

Space Camp

Speaker's Bureau

Special Olympics

Sports Day

Student Council

Student Newspaper

Summer Stars

Sustained Silent Reading

Talent Shows

Tarheel Museum

Teacher Exchange

Tech Trials

Teddy Travels

Video Yearbook


Windsong Pictures

World Wide Web: Monarch Watch

Writer's Forum

Young Authors

Zoo Apprenticeships

Resource A: PreK-12 Gifted Program Standards (National Association for Gifted Children)
Resource B: Standards for Programs Including the Gifted and Talented (The Association for the Gifted)
Resource C: Spotlight Programs: Relationships to Standards and LoS Level
National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and The Association for Gifted (TAG) Standards and Level of Service (LoS)

Resource D: Sample Forms

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: Uncovering Hidden Programs

Beverly N. Parke

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