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Differentiating Instruction With Style

Differentiating Instruction With Style
Aligning Teacher and Learner Intelligences for Maximum Achievement

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June 2013 | 184 pages | Corwin
The foundation of differentiated instruction is the teacher's ability to understand student preferences in thinking styles, learning styles, and multiple intelligences and then to use that understanding to plan instruction for the diversity of learners in the classroom. This important new book from Gayle Gregory provides teachers with a bridge between theory and instructional practice.

The book covers essential research and theory:

- core principles of brain-compatible learning;

- core theories from Jung, Gregorc, Kolb, McCarthy, Lowry, and others about learning styles;

- core theories from Costa, Gardner, Sternberg, Goleman, and others about intelligence;

- core taxonomies from Bloom, Quellmalz, Krathwohl, Williams, Eberle, and others about thinking and creativity.

Crossing all categories are instructional, analytic, and planning tools, strategies, and templates for putting all that theory into classroom practice. For readers new to Gayle Gregory's work on differentiated instruction, this is an ideal starting point. For readers who own Gayle's prior volumes, this new work is a must.

About the Author
Introduction: Differentiating Instruction With Style
1. Learning, Growth, and the Brain
2. Learning Styles
3. Intelligences: IQ or Many?
4. Thinking Skills and Styles
5. Making the Right Choices for Your Classroom

"All teachers need to be aware of their own learning style and how it affects the way they deliver instruction to students. This book will help a teacher discover this in many ways. There is complete coverage of the research, the tables and charts are great, and the chapter on teaching thinking is wonderful—I particularly enjoyed it. The chart showing how a student is thinking while coming up with a response is great. I’ll watch their faces more carefully from now on!"

William Fitzhugh, Teacher
Reisterstown Elementary School, MD

"Synthesizes a lot of great information into one resource. . . It allows the reader to see the relationship between the different learning styles, thinking styles, and intelligences."

Steve Hutton, Elementary School Principal
Villa Hills, KY

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Chapter 1: Learning, Growth, and the Brain

Gayle H. Gregory

Gayle H. Gregory is first and foremost a teacher, having experienced teaching and learning in elementary, middle, and secondary schools, community colleges, and universities. She has had extensive district-wide experience as a curriculum consultant and staff development coordinator. Gayle was principal/course director at York University for the Faculty of Education, teaching in the teacher education program.Her areas of expertise include brain-compatible learning, differentiated instructional and assessment strategies, block scheduling, emotional intelligence, student motivation, RTI Tier One, collaborative learning, common core, renewal... More About Author

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