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Differentiating Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities

Differentiating Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities
New Best Practices for General and Special Educators

Third Edition

September 2012 | 216 pages | Corwin
In order to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities in the classrooms of today and tomorrow, general and special educators must work together to differentiate instruction. The new differentiation must take place within an RTI framework, it must make use of the most modern technologies, and it must engage students' interests. In this new book, William Bender builds on the success of Differentiating Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities by providing new ideas, strategies, and examples of the most effective instructional practices. With an emphasis on real world problem solving and brain-based learning, this book will be an invaluable and practical resource for current and future elementary teachers.
About the Author
1. Differentiated Instruction: Then and Now
2. Universal Design and Differentiated Instructional Models
3. Technology and the New Differentiated Instruction
4. Response to Intervention and Differentiated Assessment Strategies
5. Instructional Support Strategies for Differentiated Instruction
6. Cognitive Strategy Instruction for Differentiated Classes

"If you are searching for a book on differentiating instruction in your classroom for both general education students and students with learning disabilities, look no further. Between these pages you will find ample strategies of how to effectively and efficiently individualize instruction to a classroom of diverse learners, without having to spend countless hours before and after a lesson preparing and assessing."

Jessica Purcell, Science Teacher
Morehead City Middle School, Morehead City, NC

"The ideas on differentiation presented in this book are wonderful! They are new, innovative, current, interesting, and very practical. I could easily implement some of these ideas in my classroom tomorrow!"

Rachel Aherns, Science Teacher
Westridge Elementary School, West Des Moines, IA

"I found the chapters easy to read as well as easy to return to and locate information you wanted to return to. Each chapter had examples for the reader that were relevant to the topic and things that a teacher could see using in the classroom. It was an excellent review for me, so I think veteran teachers will benefit from the book."

Dana Leonard, Life Skills Exceptional Children’s Teacher
Davidson County Schools/Ledford High School, Thomasville, NC

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Chapter 1: Differentiated Instruction

William N. Bender

William N. Bender, PhD, has had a long and distinguished career in education, teaching in public school for several years and in higher education for some 26 years at Blue?eld State College in West Virginia, Rutgers University in New Jersey, and the University of Georgia. He has written 36 books in special and general education. With his retirement, he has stepped back from his rigorous workshop schedule, which as recently as 2016 included some 40 workshop days per year. While the COVID-19 pandemic impacted his work, he has written four historical ?ction novels and several educational books in recent years. He has delivered several... More About Author

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