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Differentiated School Leadership

Differentiated School Leadership
Effective Collaboration, Communication, and Change Through Personality Type

October 2007 | 232 pages | Corwin
Understand your own strengths and your staff's strengths. Leaders are most effective when they understand their own styles, work from their strengths, and compensate for their blind spots. Personality type is the way people gain energy, absorb information, and make decisions. It explains how people lead, communicate, and learn. It's possible to learn how to utilize those areas that are not our natural strengths. y understanding personality types and differentiation, school leadership teams can more effectively distribute leadership responsibilities. Principals, administrators, and teacher leaders can also help others utilize their strengths and develop their other capacities.An ideal resource for principals, assistant principals, teacher leaders, assistant superintendents, superintendents, and those leading or serving on school improvement teams or other teams.
A Note From the Authors
Table of Professional Development Activities
About the Authors
1. What Type of Leader Are You?
2. Strengths-Based Leadership Priorities: You Can't Do It All
3. Succeeding at School Change
4. Your Leadership Team: Distributing Roles Effectively
5. Communicating so That What You Say Is What They Hear
6. Making Professional Learning Communities Worth the Effort
7. Observing All Types of Teachers
8. Tools for Schoolwide Discipline
9. Working With All Types of Parents
10. Strategies for Coping With the Stress of School Leadership
Appendix A. Descriptions of Leadership Styles for the 16 Types
Appendix B. Problem-Solving or "Z" Model
Appendix C. Making Type a Schoolwide Language
Appendix D. Further Reading on Personality Type

"This book is research-based and grounded in practice and practical application. A wonderful resource for ensuring high-quality learning environments that honor students' learning preferences."

Mark Bower, Director of Elementary Education and Staff Development
Hilton Central School District, NY

"I was glued to the book and constantly thinking about how I could apply what I was reading to my team."

Bruce Deterding, Principal
Wichita Heights High School, Wichita, KS

"There are so many strengths to this book that I can't list them all, but the terrific communication tips for working with your team are some of my favorite pieces—these alone are worth the price of the book."

Jim Kelleher, Assistant Superintendent
Scituate Public Schools, MA

"This book does more to allow school administrators to follow the old admonition of 'know thyself' than many other training books. The personality type framework informs administrators how to know their staff in ways that can be applied every day. Twenty years in the principalship have given me some of the same understandings as those found in this book, but this book allows those lessons to be learned more quickly and with less cost."

Brian Doty, Principal
Caledonia Middle School, MN

“After reading this book, I have a much clearer understanding of why staff members express differing reactions to the same situation. More importantly, I now know what I can do differently to enable better understanding for each person. I look forward to sharing the book and its concepts with our administrators.”

The School Administrator, May 2008
American Association of School Administrators

Book to centered on education alone. Our program is more broad based audience.

Mr Charles Kramer
Sch Of Ed Organization Leadshp, University of La Verne
June 5, 2012

Jane A. G. Kise

Jane Kise, an educational consultant with extensive experience in leadership, instructional coaching, differentiation, and effective mathematics instruction, is considered a worldwide expert in Jungian type and its impact on leadership and education. The author of over 20 books, she works with schools and businesses, facilitating the creation of environments where everyone—leaders, teachers and students—can flourish.  She trains educators around the world on coaching, collaborative practices, effective change processes, and differentiated instruction, especially in mathematics. A frequent conference keynote speaker, her past... More About Author

Beth Ross-Shannon Russell

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