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A Developmental Approach to Educating Young Children

A Developmental Approach to Educating Young Children

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November 2012 | 208 pages | Corwin
The first book in the Classroom Insights from Educational Psychology series, this resource gives teachers of children in Pre-school to Key Stage 2 and those training to be teachers access to current advances in research, theory, and practices related to child development. The book provides information related to shifts in the areas of cognitive, language, and social-emotional development; best instructional practices' and student-teacher and teacher-family relationships. It also provides practical suggestions and tools for teachers and administrators to support children's learning.

The Classroom Insights from Educational Psychology series helps bridge the gap between educational psychology theory and classroom practice.

About the Authors
Preface to the Classroom Insights from Educational Psychology Series
1. Developmental Perspectives and Educational Practice: Viewing Children and Teachers in the Big Picture
2. Early School Adjustment: Fostering Adjustment and Self-Regulation
3. The Primacy of Relationships in the Early School Years: Fostering Relationships
4. Developmentally Appropriate Classroom Practices: Fostering Learning in the Classroom
5. Learning in Digital and Natural Environments: Connecting Learning Out of the Classroom
Conclusion: Guiding Children on Positive Developmental Pathways Through School
Resource A. Tools for Reflection and Improvement

Resource B. Professional Organizations and Model Programs

Resource C. Recommended Reading

Resource D. Glossary


"This encouraging book presents currently recommended teaching methods based on educational research and philosophy. It should be used in classrooms and teacher preparation programs to operationalize developmentally appropriate practice and to help teachers incorporate such practices into the testing culture that is a reality in today’s classrooms.”

Carole S. Campbell, Educational Consultant
Higher Ground Educational Consulting

“This book helps the practicing educator turn research into seamless classroom practice. The practice exercises can be implemented immediately to help build student success.”

Katina Keener, Science/Social Studies Teacher
T.C. Walker Elementary School, Gloucester, VA

“The practical applications are great!”

Yolanda Abel, Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University

Denise H. Daniels

Denise Daniels is a professor of child development at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, and a former associate professor of educational psychology at Northern Illinois University. She received her Ph.D. in Education and Developmental Studies from UCLA in 1992. She draws from nearly 20 years of experience teaching educators and other child professionals at undergraduate and graduate levels. Denise’s research focuses on children’s adjustment and motivation to learn in school, and the development of children’s and teachers’ psychological understandings and beliefs about education. She is involved in a variety of... More About Author

Patricia K. Clarkson

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