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Designing the School Leader's Portfolio

Designing the School Leader's Portfolio

Second Edition

Foreword by Linda Lambert

March 2008 | 136 pages | Corwin
Designing the School Leader's Portfolio provides school leaders with a practical guide to developing a data-based leadership growth plan. Linking leadership growth to school improvement goals, the author provides tools for: Creating a personal growth plan; Targeting goals and action steps; Defining a collaborative school assessment and action plan; and Incorporating standards.
Foreword by Linda Lambert
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1. The Role of the Leadership Performance System in Accelerating Student Achievement
The Role of the Leadership Performance System

The LPS Process

The Benefits of the LPS

The Importance of Leaders as Learners

Getting Ready to Design and Implement Your LPS

LPS Portfolio

2. Establishing a Purpose for the LPS
The First Phase of the LPS

Establishing a Purpose for the LPS

Leadership Standards and Expectations

Defining the LPS Purpose and Function

Defining One's Theory of Action

Summary of LPS Contents

3. Focusing the LPS
The Convergence of Goals and Professional Development

Determining Goals in the LPS

The Focused Leader

Involving School Staff

Determining Performance Benchmarks

Identifying Success Indicators

Establishing a Banner Question

Refining the Banner Question

Summary of LPS Contents

4. The Process and Structures for Collaborations
Establishing Professional Structures for Collaborations

Identifying an LPS Partner

Benefits of Peer Collaboration

Scheduling Roundtable Sessions

Sumamry of LPS Contents

5. Outcomes for Action Planning and Reporting Results
Taking Action

Creating a Professional Performance Plan

Outcomes - Reporting Results

Summary of LPS Contents

6. Technology and the LPS Process
Employing Electronic Support

Appendix A: LPS Resource Matrix
Appendix B: Steps in the LPS Process
Appendix C: Templates of LPS Tools
Appendix D: Sample Completed LPS Tools
Appendix E: Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards for School Leaders

"The book's style and format allows the busy person to use the tasks easily. The tools can be used in workshops with school staff to provide a clear framework , giving sound reasons for the activities involved and defining the purpose for and the nature of involving others in the portfolio process."

Shirley O'Neill, Associate Professor of Education
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

"The theoretical framework behind the development of the portfolio is very powerful, and the organization of the book is great."

Steve Hutton, Area Coordinator
Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline, KY

Mary E. Dietz

Mary Dietz is an international consultant specializing in assisting educators in building capacity to establish and facilitate learning communities. She is also co-founder of LearnCity, an educational technology firm offering a web-based solution for designing, implementing, and assessing standards-based instruction, K-12. Her work is focused on coaching educational systems through the design and implementation of school reform efforts. Much of her work with educators has been in the areas of continuous improvement, professional development, coaching, and alternative performance assessments for educators. She established the Portfolio... More About Author

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