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The Data Coach's Guide to Improving Learning for All Students

The Data Coach's Guide to Improving Learning for All Students
Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Inquiry

First Edition
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Foreword by Ruth Johnson, Developed by TERC

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408 pages | Corwin
A Data Coach's Guide to Improving Learning for All Students is an exceptional resource for anyone who wants to create and sustain significant change in schools. Designed for potential data coaches who will facilitate school-based data teams, this book includes a CD-ROM with templates, handouts, PowerPoint slides, resources, and sample goals and agendas.

The text is also ideal for school and district administrators who can use the process and tools to enhance results for students and promote equity in schools. Guiding educational leaders in unleashing the power of a collaborative approach, the authors offer detailed and technical guidance to help educators move schools away from unproductive data practices and toward examining data as a catalyst for systematic and continuous improvement in instruction and student learning. Educators and data team facilitators will learn to apply the Using Data Process model which has proven successful in:

Narrowing achievement gaps between students in all content areas and grade levels

Achieving strong, continuous gains in local and state assessments in mathematics, science, and reading

Demonstrating significant, steady gains in mathematics in elementary, middle, and high schools

Increasing collaboration and reflection practices among teachers

An excellent resource for educational improvement project staff, education service center staff, foundations concerned with education, department of education personnel, parent and community organizations, and others who are concerned about building capacity and systems for sustaining improvement in student learning.

Foreword by Ruth Johnson
1. The Power of Collaborative Inquiry
2. Getting Organized for Collaborative Inquiry
3. Building the Foundation

Task 1 Launch the Data Team

Task 2 Reflect on Our School

Task 3 Raise Awareness of Cultural Diverstiy

Task 4 Commit to Shared Values, Standards, and Vision

4. Identifying a Student-Learning Problem

Task 5 Build Data Literacy

Task 6 Drill Down into State CRT Data: Aggregate-Level Analysis

Task 7 Drill Down into State CRT Data: Disaggregate-Level Analysis

Task 8 Drill Down into State CRT Data: Strand-Level Analysis

Task 9 Drill Down into State CRT Data: Item-Level Analysis

Task 10 Examine Student Work

Task 11 Drill Down into common Assessments and Other Local Student-Learning Data Sources

Task 12 Identify a Student-Learning Problem and Goal

5. Verifying Causes

Task 13 Conduct Cause-And-Effect Analysis

Task 14 Verify Causes through Research and Local Data

6. Generating Solutions

Task 15 Build Your Logic Model

Task 16 Refine Outcomes and Strategies

7. Implementing, Monitoring, and Achieving Results

Task 18 Take Action and Monitor Results

Task 19 Celebrate Success and Renew Collaborative Inquiry

8. Clark County, Nevada: Collaborative Inquiry in Action
CD-ROM Tool Kit Guide


"This book offers a compelling message of hope and resolve. The authors’ three-year journey in a multiplicity of diverse, underperforming, high-poverty schools across the nation has resulted in a treasure chest of knowledge and experiences about how to professionally develop data coaches in ways that benefit some of our most underserved students. This book provides powerful resources to those who have the belief, passion, and desire for implementing collaborative data inquiries in schools and districts."

From the Foreword by Ruth Johnson

This text provides guidance for setting up and maintaining a quality data team. Really good how to book for teachers and education leaders.

Dr Bobby Franklin
Teacher Education/Ldrshp Dept, Mississippi College
October 19, 2021

Nancy B. Love

RBT’s Director of Program Development, Nancy is a leading expert in school data use and professional development. She has worked with schools across the country to develop Data Coaches and high-performing Data Teams and to put research about effective professional development into practice. As former Director of the National Science Foundation-funded Using Data Project, Nancy led the design and implementation of a comprehensive professional development program to improve teaching and learning through collaborative uses of school data. Participating schools significantly increased student achievement, teacher collaboration, and uses of data... More About Author

Katherine E. Stiles

Katherine E. Stiles is a Senior Program Associate in the STEM Program at WestEd. Katherine is Co-Director of WestEd’s National Academy for Science and Mathematics Education Leadership, providing professional development and support for education leaders nationwide. The foci of the Leadership Academy–effective leadership, educational change, professional development and communities of learners, facilitation, and using data and evidence to achieve results–are reflected in the book, (2013). She designs and leads science and mathematics education program evaluation projects at the school, district, state, and national level, focusing on... More About Author

Susan E. Mundry

Susan Mundry is currently deputy director of Learning Innovations at WestEd and the associate director of WestEd’s Mathematics, Science, and Technology Program. She directs several national or regional projects focused on improving educational practice and oversees the research and evaluation projects of Learning Innovations. She is codirector of a research study examining the distribution of highly qualified teachers in New York and Maine for the Northeast & Islands Regional Education Laboratory and is the project codirector for the evaluation of the Intel Mathematics Initiative, a professional development program for elementary and... More About Author

Kathryn DiRanna

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