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Daring To Dream

Daring To Dream
Cultivating Corporate Creativity Through Dreamwork

First Edition

October 1997 | 208 pages | SAGE Response
With business environments becoming increasingly complex and challenging, it has become imperative to find innovative and creative solutions to the problems faced by both organizations and individual managers. In Daring to Dreamùwhich is on the cutting edge of management science, psychology, and spiritual wisdomùDr. Anjali Hazarika shows how an understanding of dreams can provide an alternative and more holistic model for stimulating creativity, building knowledge capital, and developing teamwork in organizations. Based on the authorÆs extensive research and experience in conducting dream workshops for business executives, this book demonstrates the use of different states of consciousness for problem solving and decision making. Dr. Hazarika maintains that it is possible to come up with creative solutions through dreams that are non-replicable and inaccessible to the waking state. She describes how this new, seemingly "soft," approach of using dreamwork can be effectively used for solving "hard" business problems by integrating conventional opposites, such as reason and intuition, intellect and emotion, and incubation and insight. The author contends that the power of dreamwork enables the dreamer to cultivate a heightened state of awareness that can give him or her the ability to respond creatively and to make the right choices. The book provides a step-by-step approach to the use of the technique along with a detailed case study. A special feature is a separate chapter on how dreamwork can provide women managers with new insights and skills to cope with the often conflicting demands of their career and family. Anyone working in creative management, human resource development, organizational behavior, or organizational psychology will find this book an exciting new way to approach problem solving.
Professor Montague Ullman
Discovering a Dream

The Unanswered Question

When Corporations Start Dreaming

Seeking Solutions in Sleep
The Royal Road to Empowerment
We Shape Our Dreams and Our Dreams Shape Us
Dreams of the Future and the Future of Dreams

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Anjali Hazarika

Anjali Hazarika is the author of the award-winning book Daring to Dream: Cultivating Corporate Creativity Through Dreamwork published by SAGE (1998). On the basis of extensive research, Anjali developed a unique program of rediscovering creativity through dreams, with a focus on developing individual/organizational creativity and innovation. This has been introduced to executives from diverse sectors and government institutions in India and around the world in Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, the UK, and the US. She has been the Honorary Vice President (APAC) of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, USA. She has been... More About Author

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