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The Daily Practices of Successful Principals

The Daily Practices of Successful Principals

November 2012 | 192 pages | Corwin
Designed to promote effective leadership, this book is packed with practical tips and key strategies for new and experienced principals. Each of the tips includes practical ideas, research-based information, fresh perspectives gathered from interviews with successful principals, and suggested action steps. The book is divided into four sections of strategies: Section 1- Personal, Section 2- Managerial, Section 3- Community, and Section 4-Teaching and Learning.
About the Authors
I. Personal
1. Tip 1 Personal Strategies
2. Tip 2 Begin With a Vision
3. Tip 3 Know Yourself; Know How You are Perceived
4. Tip 4 Resonate Confidence
5. Tip 5 Master Your Emotions
6. Tip 6 Maintain a Work-Life Perspective that Sustains Your Well-Being
II. Operational
7. Tip 7 Fan Flames of Positive Deviance
8. Tip 8 Improve Education from the Inside: Empower Teachers
9. Tip 9 Hire the Best and Maximize their Talents
10. Tip 10 Use a Team Approach: Think WE Instead of I
11. Tip 11 Honor the Role of the Classroom Teachers
12. Tip 12 Do the Right Things—Be Accountable
III. School Community
13. Tip 13 Create Trusting Relationships
14. Tip 14 Context Matters: Adjust your Leadership to School Population
IV. Teaching and Learning
15. Tip 15 Establish Learning as a Common Purpose
16. Tip 16 Be a Leader of Teaching and Learning
17. Tip 17 Link Professional Development with Teaching and Learning
18. Tip 18 Invest Time in Developing Teacher Leaders
19. Tip 19 Reflect on Your Success

“Just as The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Possner has become the classic textbook for graduate schools in leadership, The Daily Practices of Successful Principals will become the classic publication for practicing school principals. The material is straightforward, easy to read, and provides valuable information to all principals who wish to become even more effective. Readers will not be disappointed.”

Kenneth Arndt, Superintendent
Community Unit School District 300, Carpentersville, IL

“The book’s strengths are its balance on theory and practice – as well as its insistence reflecting on one’s own values, behaviors and habits – the questions and activities are thought-provoking and just make sense.”

Sheri Epstein, Principal
Thornlea Secondary School, Thornhill, ON, Canada

“An excellent resource for administrative licensure programs. The organization of the material and predictability of each section make it easy to follow and comprehend. The information is compiled in such a way that those new to administration can easily grasp some essential skills and strategies for successful leaders.”

Betty Flad, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

The Daily Practices of Successful Principals is a great resource for principal network meetings or roundtable discussions. The reflective questions and practical tools give the reader a head start on thinking about their own success as instructional leaders. Using this book as a basis for developing parts of one’s annual performance review makes sense.”

Bonnie Tryon, Former Principal
School Administrators Association of New York, Latham, NY

“If you are a new principal looking for some practical strategies to establish yourself in the community you are about to serve, this book has practical strategies to implement and thought-provoking questions to reflect on as you move forward.”

Leslie Standerfer, Principal
Estrella Foothills High School, Goodyear, AZ

Barbara Louise Brock

Barbara L. Brock is a professor of education at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. She has held a variety of positions in education, including education department chair, director of school administration, elementary principal, and K-12 teacher. She presents nationally and internationally on topics of beginning teacher induction, leadership succession, teacher and principal burnout, and educators with disabilities. She is coauthor with Marilyn Grady of Principals in Transition: Tips for Surviving Succession, From First-Year to First-Rate: Principals Guiding New Teachers, Rekindling the Flame: Principals Combating Teacher Burnout,... More About Author

Marilyn L. Grady

Marilyn L. Grady, is professor of educational administration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). She is the author or coauthor of 23 books, including From Difficult Teachers to Dynamic Teamwork (2009) with Brock, Getting it Right from the Start (2009) with Kostelnik From First Year to First Rate (2007) with Brock, 194 High-Impact Letters for Busy Principals (2006), 20 Biggest Mistakes Principals Make and How to Avoid Them (2004) and Launching Your First Principalship (2004) with Brock. Her research areas include leadership, the principalship, and superintendent-board relations. She has more than 175 publications to her credit. She... More About Author

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