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Cyber Law

Cyber Law
Maximizing Safety and Minimizing Risk in Classrooms

November 2012 | 128 pages | Corwin
Concerned that the fast-evolving technology used to empower students also puts the school at risk? The legal issues that affect today's classrooms require a heightened awareness and understanding of Internet safety and cyber law.

This timely reference is an essential overview for teachers, media specialists, and administrators covering legal issues related to Internet and technology use. Lawyer and educational policy expert Aimée M. Bissonette provides up-to-date research, jargon-free summaries of legal cases illustrating potentially risky classroom situations, and proactive strategies on:

Privacy, security, copyright, liability, and safety

Internet tools, social networking sites, cyberbullying, and appropriate online behavior

The use of non-school electronics such as cell phones, handheld computers, and cameras

With sample policies, procedures, permission forms, and contract language, Cyber Law turns complicated legal concepts into concrete ideas that will help schools act responsibly and anticipate new developments.

About the Author
1. Cyberbullying: Curbing Student Use of Technology to Intimidate and Harass Others
2. Student Use of the Internet: Reducing Inappropriate Internet Behaviors
3. Staff Use of the Internet: Drawing a Line Between Teachers' Public and Private Lives
4. Privacy and Security: Protecting Student Information
5. The School as an Internet Service Provider: Providing Access and Protecting Students
6. Copyright Law in the Classroom: Steering Clear of Legal Liability
7. Policies, Procedures, and Contracts: Communicating Expectations to Teachers, Students, and Parents
8. Ethical Issues: Developing Responsible Internet Citizens
9. Looking Ahead: Keeping an Eye on the Future
Resource A: How Laws Affect the Schools and Teachers Who Embrace Technology in Learning
Resource B: Sample Acceptable Use Policy
Glossary of Terms
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"Bissonette has made an extremely important contribution to the technology leadership literature. School leaders face extraordinary challenges as they balance student empowerment with organizational responsibility. This book's clear guidance, real-life scenarios, and practical tips help administrators navigate those shoals effectively."

Scott McLeod, Associate Professor and Director
UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education

"The strengths of the book are the references to policy revisions and enforcement. Each chapter contains a helpful checklist for school leaders on student and staff use of technology on school grounds."

The School Administrator, April 2011
American Association of School Administrators

"Bissonette has provided a very timely and thought-provoking reference for media specialists and IT administrators on current legal issues brought about by the proliferation of electronic media devices in 21st-century classrooms. This is an easy-to-follow and understandable guide using sample case studies and sidebars."

Michael A. Burke, Director of District Media and Technology Services
Edina Public Schools, MN

"This book offers suggestions that can be used to write policy at the federal, state, or local levels, but also offers concrete ideas that can be used tomorrow morning by classroom teachers. The author has a gift for condensing complicated legal concepts into easily understood bites for education professionals, allowing them to act responsibly and to anticipate what is yet to come."

John A. Arikian, Visiting Lecturer
Corning Community College

"Bissonette provides clear explanations of how district policies and actions have been supported in legal cases. The book does an excellent job of providing real-world examples that are meaningful to the practicing teacher, reminding teachers and school leaders of the ever-increasing need to educate students in the appropriate and ethical use of technology."

Karen A. Sorvaag, Assistant Professor
St. Mary's University of Minnesota

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Chapter 1

Aimee M. Bissonette

Aimée Bissonette is a lawyer, teacher, and writer. She has written extensively for trade publications and conducts training sessions for corporate, educational, and nonprofit groups (nationally and internationally) on the topics of copyright, rights negotiation and licensing, and the legal issues associated with technology in schools. She has written Web site copy for two Web sites on intellectual property and copyright law, and has written and co-produced a satellite broadcast for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities titled Copyright Considerations for Higher Education. She practices law with Little Buffalo Law & Consulting... More About Author

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