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Culturally Diverse and Underserved Populations of Gifted Students

Culturally Diverse and Underserved Populations of Gifted Students

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264 pages | Corwin
This volume addresses the underrepresentation of culturally diverse and/or economically disadvantaged students in gifted and talented programmes, from the inadequate identification process to culturally unsavvy programming and programme staffing.
About the Editors
Sally M. Reis
Series Introduction
Alexinia Y. Baldwin
Introduction to Culturally Diverse and Underserved Populations of Gifted Students
Alexinia Y. Baldwin
1. I'm Black But Look At Me, I Am Also Gifted
Carol Ann Tomlinson, Carolyn M. Callahan, and Karen M. Lelli
2. Challenging Expectations: Case Studies of High-Potential, Culturally Diverse Young Children
Marcia Strong Scott, Lois-Lynn Stoyko Deuel, Beda Jean-Francois, and Richard C. Urbano
3. Identifying Cognitively Gifted Ethnic Minority Children
Robert J. Kirschenbaum
4. Dynamic Assessment and Its Use With Underserved Gifted and Talented Populations
Thomas P. Hébert
5. Defining Belief in Self: Intelligent Young Men in an Urban High School
Thomas P. Hébert, Teresa M. Beardsley
6. Jermaine: A Critical Case Study of a Gifted Black Child Living in Rural Poverty
James M. Patton, Douglas Prillaman, and Joyce VanTassel-Baska
7. The Nature and Extent of Programs for the Disadvantaged Gifted in the United States and Territories
Alexinia Y. Baldwin
8. The Seven Plus Story: Developing Hidden Talent Among Students in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Environments
Eva I. Diaz
9. Perceived Factors Influencing the Academic Underachievement of Talented Students of Puerto Rican Descent
James H. Borland, Rachel Schnur, and Lisa Wright
10. Economically Disadvantaged Students in a School for the Academically Gifted: A Postpositivist Inquiry Into Individual and Family Adjustment

Alexinia Y. Baldwin

Alexinia Y. Baldwin is a professor emeritus in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. She is a specialist in Education of the Gifted with emphasis on the minority gifted child. Her arti­cles and chapters on this topic appear in many journals and textbooks. She developed the Baldwin Identification Matrix, which is used by many school districts and has co-edited a text titled The Many Faces of Giftedness: Lifting the Masks. Her professional background and some of her many activities are B. S., Tuskegee University; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., University of Connecticut; classroom... More About Author

Sally M. Reis

Sally M. Reis is a professor and the department head of the Educational Psychology Department at the University of Connecticut where she also serves as principal investigator of the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. She was a teacher for 15 years, 11 of which were spent working with gifted students on the elementary, junior high, and high school levels. She has authored more than 130 articles, 9 books, 40 book chapters, and numerous monographs and technical reports.  Her research interests are related to special populations of gifted and tal-ented students, including: students with learning disabilities, gifted... More About Author