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A Comparative Study on the Role of Universities in Transformation of Knowledge and Skills in Rural Areas

A Comparative Study on the Role of Universities in Transformation of Knowledge and Skills in Rural Areas

First Edition
  • Li Wang - Deputy Director, UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education, China

March 2015 | 320 pages | SAGE India

This book is an important investigation of the roles that a university plays in sustainable rural development. In doing so, the book takes an interesting approach and engages in a comparative study of two universities, located in China and Australia. The book examines that in spite of being in different locations their work and roles are no less significant in terms of national development.

The book poses the question, ‘What is the role of universities in bringing about knowledge transformation in rural communities?’

Foreword Zhang Xinsheng
Education for Rural Development
The General Roles of Universities, Adult Education, and Agricultural Extension Education
Educational Development in Rural Hebei China, 1949-2011
Agricultural University of Hebei and Its Rural Development Case Studies
Educational Development in Northern Territory, Australia
Charles Darwin University (CDU) And Its Participation in Rural Development
The Common Factors in the Cases
Appendix 1: Interview Schedule
Appendix 2: Survey Schedule
Appendix 3: Field Visit and Investigation Schedule

Li Wang

Li Wang is currently a Professor and Deputy Director at UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) in China. Professor Wang’s areas of interest include rural education and rural development, water resources, rural and town planning, and geothermal utilization. He has contributed to more than 60 books and papers, undertaken about 50 international research projects, and organized/participated in more than 100 international conferences, symposia, forums, and workshops. Professor Wang has represented INRULED and Chinese Ministry of Commerce in projects in Cambodia and... More About Author

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