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Changing Suburbs, Changing Students

Changing Suburbs, Changing Students
Helping School Leaders Face the Challenges

Foreword by Sonia Nieto

October 2012 | 232 pages | Corwin
Embrace the changing suburbs by changing your school!

As your students evolve, has your school evolved with them? Schools across the country face sweeping demographic changes and a reshaping of suburban scenery into a more urban landscape. This unique book offers not only an explanation of the increasing diversity in student makeup, but also ideas for acting as an agent of positive change for your school and tools to implement those ideas. Shelley Wepner and the experts at The Changing Suburbs Institute recommend ways you can improve student achievement by

Developing a plan of action that addresses the need for more focused, culturally responsive student instruction

Creating a culture that celebrates diversity and values cultural awareness

Collaborating with universities and communities to promote professional development and student learning

Providing programs for English learners such as tutoring, the arts, and summer support

Involving parents to promote student achievement

Effective teaching and engaged learning flourish in schools where diversity and awareness are embraced. Changing Suburbs, Changing Students puts education in suburban America into perspective and gives you the tools to maintain high achievement for all!

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About the Authors
Part I. The Challenges of Changing Suburban School Districts
1. The Changing Suburbs
What Do We Mean by the Changing Suburbs?

Schools in the Changing Suburbs

Guidelines for Moving Forward

Concluding Remarks

2. The School Leader's Role in the Changing Suburbs
Role Similarities and Differences for Urban, Rural, and Suburban Leaders

Challenges for School Leaders in Changing Suburban School Districts

Guidelines for Succeeding in Changing Suburban Schools Districts

Concluding Remarks

Part II. Addressing the Challenges of Changing Suburban School Districts
3. Changing the Culture of the School
Opportunities and Challenges of Increasing Diversity in the Schools

Ways in Which Teachers and Schools Are Changing to Accommodate Increasing Diversity

Creating a School Culture That Works

Guidelines for Creating and Sustaining a Culture That Works

Concluding Remarks

4. Professional Development
Characteristics of High-Quality Professional Development

Contexts, Strategies, and Structures for Professional Learning

The Role of the School Leader in the Professional Development of Teachers

Guidelines for School Leaders for Establishing Conditions for Successful Professional Learning

Concluding Remarks

5. Implementing Programs for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student Populations
Overview of Program Needs for Diverse Student Populations

Helping Teachers to Create Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Curriculum and Program Changes

Assessment of Programs

Guidelines for School Leaders

Concluding Remarks

6. School-University Collaboration
Reasons for School-University Collaborations

Challenges With School-University Collaborations

Guidelines for Forming School-University Partnerships

Concluding Remarks

7. Creating an Elementary Community School
Description of School History

Definition of Community School

Transforming One School

Involvement of a College and University

Challenges in Transforming a School

Description of the School Today

Guidelines for Forming a Community School

Concluding Remarks

8. Working With Parents
The Importance of Parents as Partners in Children's Education

Issues of Parents in Changing Suburban School Districts

Promoting Parent Engagement in Changing Suburban Schools

Guidelines for Working With Parents in Changing Suburban Schools

Concluding Remarks

Summary of Guidelines for School Leaders

"Any district dealing with changing cultures would find the ideas in this book useful. The experiences and the scenarios are most applicable to schools facing an increase in ELL population."

Martin J. Hudacs, Superintendent
Solanco School District, Quarryville, PA

"The book brings to the forefront the reality that exists in many suburban schools and the need for superintendents, principals, and faculties to become more culturally proficient in their awareness of their changing populations, ensuring active parent involvement, curriculum that reflects the students and families served, and knowing and valuing the changing diversity within their community."

Linda Jungwirth, President
Convening Conversations, Inc.

“This book helps administrators of suburban school districts understand the complexities of the job they hold. More importantly, it provides specific solutions to the challenges they face every day.”

Ken Arndt, Superintendent
Community Unit School District #300, Carpentersville, IL

"I found Changing Suburbs, Changing Schools to be well written and appreciated the helpful examples and suggestions it offers to educators."

Richard Organisciak, Superintendent
New Rochelle School District, New Rochelle, NY

Shelley B. Wepner

JoAnne G. Ferrara

Kristin N. Rainville

Diane W. Gómez

Diane E. Lang

Laura Ann Bigaouette

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