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Caring Enough to Lead

Caring Enough to Lead
How Reflective Practice Leads to Moral Leadership

Third Edition

Foreword by Terrence E. Deal

January 2013 | 200 pages | Corwin
Updated bestseller! Caring Enough to Lead, Third Edition presents a personal perspective on what it means to care about and understand the role of leaders and what occurs when leaders bond with others in significant ways in the development of our nation's schools. This resource embraces the notion that leaders must establish a connection with all others in an organization in order to reflect the common core values that can take the organization to the next moral and ethical level. The author expands what it really means to be a leader and examines the yet unexplored dimensions of moral leadership.
Foreword to the Third Edition by Terrence E. Deal
Foreword to the Second Edition by Governor Richard W. Riley
Foreword to the First Edition by Aretha B. Pigford
About the Author
1. It's Better to Know Some of the Questions Than All of the Answers
2. Why Am I Going to Visit Bob?
3. What Is a Leader?
4. Why Should Leaders Care About Caring?
5. What Do I Care About?
6. What Do I Believe About People?
7. Am I Taking Care of My Water Buffalo?
8. What Does It Mean to Be a Teacher?
9. Am I Willing to Share Power?
10. What Does It Mean to Be Responsible?
11. Why Am I Doing This?
12. Am I Willing to Jump for the Trapeze?
13. Who's the King or Queen of the Jungle?
14. "Honey, Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?"
15. Can I Care Enough to Do the Little Things?
16. "Can You Just Call Me Willie, Mrs. Peterson?"
17. How Are Schools Transformed?
18. Why Do I Choose to Lead?
19. What Do Leaders Owe to Those Who Follow?
20. Can I Care Enough to Be My Own Best Friend?
21. Will That Be a Senior Cup of Coffee?
22. Your Leadership Becomes You!

"Reading this book was an addictive sort of process. It has a very personal feel to it, as if the author was talking to the reader."

Kathe Stanley, Art Teacher
Richmond Drive Elementary School, Rock Hill, SC

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author's personal stories were realistic, which made hispoints easy to envision. I am thankful to have the privilege to add this to my library."

Douglas Rinaca, Sixth-Grade Teacher
Chester Middle School, Gastonia, NC

"Thank you for writing Caring Enough to Lead! This book has encouraged me in so many ways. God bless you and your creative genius!"

Doris A. Ezell-Schmitz, Seventh-Grade Teacher
Chester Middle School, Gastonia, NC

"I absolutely loved Caring Enough to Lead. I was amazed to find someone who thinks just like I do. As I was reading, I found many real-life experiences with which I could identify. The scenarios, metaphors, and vignettes made the book come to life. Thank you for writing such an entertaining, yet educational text."

Cathy Love, Social Studies Department Chair
York Comprehensive High School, NY

"In the universe of tedious tomes on leadership, Caring Enough to Lead exists on another planet, light years away from comparison to a textbook. This book is a thought-provoking conversation with the author, who proves in a few short chapters that the truths for effective leading are the same as the truths for successful living. Pellicer succeeds in guiding the reader with a humorous, touching, and personal style to reflect on the values and beliefs of true leaders."

Gayle B. Sawyer, Executive Director
Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement

"A valuable resource for all leadership development programs. It will not only motivate emerging leaders, but will inspire all leaders to reflect on their own journeys and appreciate the caring relationships valued in work and daily lives. Pellicer's writing speaks to your heart while so vividly illustrating the true meaning of leadership."

Martha W. Mickler, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Learning
St. Johns County School District, FL

"Strikes at the core of our national conversation about moral leadership. Through the art of storytelling, Pellicer helps us understand that becoming a loving, humble servant to those we lead is the real measure of strength in leadership. He makes a compelling case that masterful leadership is not about what you do, but who you are becoming. This book is a must-read for all leaders, from aspiring to retiring, who are interested in their own journey."

Nancy Stanford-Blair, Professor of Leadership Studies, Cardinal Stritch University
Coauthor, Leading Coherently

"Pellicer reminds educators why we entered the education field in the first place. He has hit the proverbial nail on its head, and I highly encourage all graduate schools of education and all teacher leaders to make this book required reading!"

Candace Bower, Director, Genessee Region Teacher Center
Instructor, New York State Teacher Center Leadership Academy

"Pellicer's work continues to inspire another generation of school leaders. My students are hungry for the profound, for the deep, and for the internal insight into the work that they do. This book provides a platform and a space for this to happen."

Mary Ann Kahl, Professor
National-Louis University

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Foreword by Terrence E. Deal

Leonard O. Pellicer

Leonard O. Pellicer is Dean of the School of Education and Organizational Leadership at the University of La Verne and Distinguished Professor Emeritus from the University of South Carolina. He has served in a number of teaching and leadership roles over the past thirty-five years. He served as the first director of the South Carolina Educational Policy Center, at the University of South Carolina, and was also the director of the African American Professors Program, a program designed to address the problem of a shortage of African American professors at predominantly white higher-education institutions. His experiences prior to joining... More About Author

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