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Building a Citizens' Partnership in Democratic Governance

Building a Citizens' Partnership in Democratic Governance
The Delhi Bhagidari Process through Large-group Dynamics

First Edition

June 2013 | 372 pages | SAGE India

Building a Citizens’ Partnership in Democratic Governance covers 10 years of efforts (2000–2010) in building and sustaining citizens’ partnership with the government and in creating a working democracy in a large city like Delhi.

It provides an in-depth coverage of the theory, principles, and processes of “large-group dynamics”. It also presents its practical applicability through the involvement of resident welfare associations, market and trade organizations, industry associations, students’ eco-clubs, electricity distribution companies, government departments and civic agencies.

The book brings out the fact that the major reason behind the success of the partnership is the projects taken up by the resident welfare associations and market and trade associations at the ground level in association with government departments.

Foreword: The Genesis of “Bhagidari” S Regunathan

S Regunathan

Theory and Practice of Group Dynamics

Experience of Delhi Metropolis: Building Citizens' Partnership with Government through Large-group Dynamics

Understanding Large-group Dynamics as Applied to Building Citizens' Partnership with Government: The Methodology in Delhi

Citizen's Views and Perceptions, and Challenges Facing Delhi

Large-group Dynamics for Water Supply: Internal Change Management for the Delhi Jal Board

The Future Search Workshop: Creating the Preferred Future of Delhi: 2010

Outcome, Impact, and Change in People's Perceptions of Governance and Development

Bhagidari Initiatives by Discoms

Political Leadership for Building Citizens' Partnership with Government

The Possible Future Evolution of Citizens' Partnership with Government in Delhi

Feedback from Citizens' Associations and Civil Service Officials on Steps Needed to Improve the Effectiveness of Bhagidari

Lessons Learned from 10 Years' of Delhi's Bhagidari Project on Building Citizens' Partnership in Governance

Sustainability of Building Citizens' Partnership in Governance through the Multistakeholder Large-group Dynamics Process

Scope for Replication of Building Citizens' Partnership in Urban Democratic Governance through Multi-stakeholder Large-group Dynamics





It is about the participation of citizens in governance…The book helps the readers understand the methodology adopted to build and sustain citizens’ partnership with the government, both in development and good governance.                                

Social Action, January- March 2014

A fascinating read…helps readers understand the methodology adopted to build and sustain citizens’ partnership with the Government, both in development and Good Governance.

The Sunday Tribune, 24 August 2014

George Koreth

George Koreth has been interested in valid and reliable measurement in the social sciences and behavioral sciences, in order to improve organization effectiveness and results. During his career in management of industry, he explored the measurement of responsibility based on the methods developed at the Tavistock Institute, UK. Subsequently, he went deep into reliable instruments and methods of measuring and enhancing human motivation (achievement, power, affiliation, and security motivation) based on Dr David McClelland’s work at Harvard University. Midway through his industry career, he moved to teaching and research in management as a... More About Author

Kiron Wadhera

Kiron Wadhera has held various senior responsibilities with the Asian Centre for Organisation Research and Development (ACORDASIA), New Delhi, including that of President and CEO. She was a Member of the Programme Faculty at the International Youth Centre (Vishwa Yuvak Kendra), New Delhi. She was a visiting faculty for two years for the postgraduate course in Communication in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. She was also a member of the NGO Prerna and Chairperson of Prerna-CEDPA for two years. She has been a member of the Fulbright Alumni Association and a Fellow of the UN. Dr Wadhera has 42 years of experience in organisation... More About Author

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