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Bringing Out the Best in Teachers

Bringing Out the Best in Teachers
What Effective Principals Do

Third Edition

August 2008 | 176 pages | Corwin
Practical advice from the teacher's perspective! Learn what effective principals do to influence, motivate, and empower teachers. Based on an in-depth study in which teachers detail the strategies extraordinary principals used to help them become more effective in the classroom, this third edition incorporates the most up-to-date literature and includes easy-to-follow guidelines in each chapter.

An ideal resource for experienced or aspiring school principals, this book offers strategies and related practices that illustrate how to:

- Use the power of praise

- Influence by expecting and involving - Encourage professional autonomy

- Lead by standing behind

- Suggest rather than direct

- Use formal authority positively

Foreword to the First Edition by Arthur Blumberg
Foreword to the Second Edition by Roland S. Barth
Foreword to the Third Edition by Jackie Daniilides
Preface to the Third Edition
About the Authors
1. Principals and Their Effectiveness
2. The Power of Praise
3. Influencing by Expecting
4. Influencing by Involving
5. Granting Professional Autonomy
6. Leading by Standing Behind
7. Gentle Nudges: Suggesting Versus Directing
8. Positive Use of Formal Authority
9. Mirrors to the Possible
10. Conclusions, Caveats, and Challenges
Resource A: Research Methods and Procedures

"Reading this book is like having a conversation with several great colleagues sharing their ideas and expertise. The ideas and suggestions are clear, relevant, and doable. This book is inspiring!"

Pam Newell Bradley, Principal
Irving Elementary School, Muskogee, OK

"Blase and Kirby’s book serves as a constant reminder of the importance of improving and sustaining staff relations."

Lyndon Oswald, Principal
Sandcreek Middle School, Idaho Falls, ID

"Allows principals to make teachers feel appreciated and valued. The book includes everything you need to know about being a transformational leader in your school."

David Raleigh, Assistant Principal
Frankfort High School, KY

Using the text as supplemental course reading material.

Dr Bethney Bergh
School Of Education, Northern Michigan University
February 10, 2012
Key features

Easy-to-follow guidelines are included in each chapter. Strategies and related practices illustrate how to:

  • Use the power of praise
  • Influence by expecting and involving
  • Encourage professional autonomy
  • Lead by standing behind
  • Suggest rather than direct
  • Use formal authority positively

This new edition includes relevant research and literature about effective school leadership, including new figures comparing our findings with others on transformational leadership and new leadership standards.

Joseph Blase

Joseph Blase is a professor of educational administration at the University of Georgia. Since receiving his Ph.D. in 1980 from Syracuse University, his research has focused on school reform, transformational leadership, the micropolitics of education, principal-teacher relationships, and the work lives of teachers. His work concentrating on school-level micropolitics received the 1988 Davis Memorial Award given by the University Council for Educational Administration, and his coauthored article published in the Journal of Educational Administration won the W. G. Walker 2000 Award for Excellence. In 1999 he was recognized as an elite... More About Author

Peggy C. Kirby

Peggy C. Kirby is a former professor of educational leadership and foundations, university research professor, and endowed professor for school improvement at the University of New Orleans, where she taught graduate courses in research and school leadership. She is a certified teacher and program evaluator in the state of Louisiana. Since receiving a PhD in educational administration in 1987, she has investigated school-level factors, particularly leadership and governance, that influence student and teacher outcomes. She co-founded the Jefferson Community School, Louisiana’s first charter school that serves middle school students at risk... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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