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Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence
Overcoming the Problem of Principal Mistreatment of Teachers

First Edition

July 2014 | 208 pages | Corwin
In this groundbreaking book, Joseph Blase and Jo Blase begin the critical dialogue about abuse by exposing the various manifestations of mistreatment, and offering practical solutions for its prevention and correction. The invaluable information presented is based on findings from the first-of-its-kind study conducted by the authors, in which they interviewed elementary, primary and secondary school teachers from rural, suburban, and urban areas across the United States and Canada.

Don Saul, AASA American Superintendent of the Year
Gary Anderson, Professor of Educational Administration
About the Authors
1. The Problem of Principal Mistreatment of Teachers
2. The Many Faces of Moderate Mistreatment: From Discounting Teachers to Offensive Personal Conduct
3. Escalating Mistreatment of Teachers: From Spying to Criticism
4. Severe Mistreatment of Teachers: From Lying to Destruction
5. The Effects of Principal Mistreatment of Teachers: Lasting Wounds and Damaged Schools
6. Worlds of Pain: The Undoing of Teachers
7. Overcoming the Problem of Principal Mistreatment of Teachers: What Can We Do?
Research Method and Procedures

Truly a groundbreaking effort and one that deserves serious attention.

Don Saul, AASA American Superintendent of the Year, 2000
From the Foreword by Don Saul

The book is based on extensive research, loaded with real examples, and it reflects the authors' concern to improve the conditions of all schools. Because of the book's comprehensive focus, it will be valuable to practitioners, fledgling administrators, and other educators who are striving to improve the conditions in schoools.

George E. Pawlas, Professor of Educational Leadership
University of Central Florida
The School Administrator, January 2003

Breaking the Silence is the first empirical report of the actual experiences of abused teachers; that is, what constitutes principal mistreatment and its impact on teachers and their work.

Chicago Union Teacher, May 2003

Blase and Blase sound the alarm on principals’ mistreatment of teachers, and begin the important work of finding constructive solutions. Not just an exposé for the purpose of raising awareness, the book is also a guide, providing practical strategies for preventing and correcting this mistreatment.                    

Georgia Association of Teachers (NEA) Newsletter, 2003

Required reading for educators around the country.

Long overdue, and finally brings this serious problem to the public’s attention.
Phenomenal…every abused teacher’s story on every page. 

American Society for Ethics in Education website

The book fell from cyberspace…the answer to our prayers.

Blase & Blase have the integrity to reveal what has been a very deep, dark, destructive secret.

The descriptors of abuse are so accurate that few teachers could read this book without pits in their stomachs and tears rolling down their eyes.  

National Association for the Prevention of Teacher Abuse website

Joseph Blase

Joseph Blase is a professor of educational administration at the University of Georgia. Since receiving his Ph.D. in 1980 from Syracuse University, his research has focused on school reform, transformational leadership, the micropolitics of education, principal-teacher relationships, and the work lives of teachers. His work concentrating on school-level micropolitics received the 1988 Davis Memorial Award given by the University Council for Educational Administration, and his coauthored article published in the Journal of Educational Administration won the W. G. Walker 2000 Award for Excellence. In 1999 he was recognized as an elite... More About Author

Rebajo (Jo) R. Blase

Jo Blase is a professor of educational administration at the University of Georgia, and a former public school teacher, high school and middle school principal, and director of staff development. She received a Ph.D. in educational administration, curriculum, and supervision in 1983 from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her research has focused on instructional and transformational leadership, school reform, staff development, and principal-teacher relationships. Through work with the Beginning Principal Study National Research Team, the Georgia League of Professional Schools, and public and private school educators with whom she... More About Author

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