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Body Language

Body Language
A Guide for Professionals

Third Edition

July 2012 | 268 pages | SAGE Response
Body Language comes at a time when 'market', 'self-salesmanship' and 'personality projection' are commonplace survival tactics. The book explores the hidden language of the body and the meaning of body gestures, placing it in the context of the 'new age' society.

'New World New Body Language' is the mantra for this Third Edition of Body Language. Soft skill is the most sought after word today in the field of management. The nurturing of 'soft skills' and the furthering of individual growth come under one such modern-day demands.

Ever since the last edition of this book in 1998, there have been dramatic societal changes, owing to the increased use of the Internet. This edition factors in these changes. With illustrations depicting body positions, Hedwig Lewis aims at a systematic, in-depth and comprehensive approach to non-verbal communication in general and body language in particular.
The Characteristics of Body Language

The Face

The Eyes

The Head and Torso

Arms, Hands, and Palms


Zones and Spaces

Traits and Attitudes

Body Language in Practice


Hedwig Lewis

Hedwig Lewis is an educationist and writer and has served as a lecturer and principal. He received the Rev T. A. Mathias Award for Innovative College Teachers from All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE), New Delhi, in 1993. He has authored 30 books and his publications are on wide-ranging subjects that fall under several categories: spirituality, prayer, skill-building, biographies, inspirational, history, festive, and e-book. Some of his most noticeable works are At Home With God (1991), Happiness Manufacturers (2001), Mirrors of Life (1998), Once Upon A Time (2010), Fun With Words (1983), and Gujarat Jesuits... More About Author

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