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The Best of Corwin: Equity

The Best of Corwin: Equity

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Cultural Competence | Diversity

October 2012 | 192 pages | Corwin
Equity expertise from premier educators''''''''''The Best of Corwin series showcases key chapters from''critically acclaimed Corwin publications for a powerful compilation of''perspectives on important education issues and topics. The Best of Corwin: Equity features a variety of stellar authors''who believe in making education accessible and successful for all students and''ultimately creating a stronger democratic society. Offering a unique''perspective on overcoming barriers to student achievement, these authors share academic''research, creative ideas, and concrete, practical strategies. Key topics''include:''''''''''The tools of cultural'' proficiencyCourageous conversations'' about raceHow to analyze data to'' uncover and eliminate inequities Equity auditsPowerful classroom'' strategiesReflecting on'' practice''''''''''This book is aimed at all educators, with particular''emphasis on teachers and those who support teachers. Learn from the best as you''strive to make our schools places of excellence where all students have the''same opportunity to learn.''
Randall B. Lindsey
Randall B. Lindsey
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Part I. For All Educators
Delores B. Lindsey, Linda D. Jungwirth, Jarvis V. N. C. Pahl, and Randall B. Lindsey
1. The Tools of Cultural Proficiency
Glenn Singleton and Curtis Linton
2. Why Race?
Ruth S. Johnson and Robin Avelar La Salle
3. The Wallpaper Effect: Uncovering Inequities Using the Other Data
Linda Skrla, Kathryn Bell McKenzie, and James Joseph Scheurich
4. Teacher Quality Equity
Part II. For Classroom Teachers and Those Who Support Classroom Teachers
Bonnie M. Davis
5. Reaching Diverse Learners Through Strategic Instruction
Carl A. Grant
6. Diversity and Power
Gail L. Thompson
7. Only the Strong Survive: Dealing With Roadblocks to Effective Classroom Management
Concha Delgado Gaitan
8. Connecting Home and School
Part III. Closing
Franklin CampbellJones, Brenda CampbellJones, and Randall B. Lindsey
9. Heuristic Reflection

"This is a valuable read for educators. The authors encourage readers to consider diversity through more perspectives than just race and show the importance for equity development in all classrooms. A welcome addition to any educator's list of books to read."

Julie German, Assistant Principal
Grant Middle School, Marion, OH

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Randall B. Lindsey

Randall B. Lindsey is Emeritus Professor at California State University, Los Angeles. He has served as a teacher, an administrator, executive director of a non-profit corporation, as Interim Dean at California Lutheran University, as Distinguished Educator in Residence at Pepperdine University, and as Chair of the Education Department at the University of Redlands. All of Randy’s experiences have been in working with diverse populations and his area of study is the behavior of white people in multicultural settings. His Ph.D. is in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University, his Master of Arts in Teaching is in History Education... More About Author

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