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Becoming a Legendary Teacher

Becoming a Legendary Teacher
To Instruct and Inspire

December 2012 | 296 pages | Corwin
How can you be remembered as a respected educator among your students and colleagues? What do you need to know to become an exceptional teacher?

Becoming a Legendary Teacher presents the key characteristics of excellent teachers. The authors demonstrate how professionals can learn to recognize their own talents and skills, cultivate successful traits in their teaching experiences, and translate those qualities into outstanding leadership in their schools. This resource includes:

- Techniques for conveying your high expectations for learners

- Advice on creating a well-organized and positive classroom environment for all learners

- Strategies for motivating students to excel in an era of high-stakes testing

- Opportunities to practice skillful communication tips and relationships with students, their families, and colleagues

- Suggestions for creating a teacher's own motivational model in a climate of accountability.

Becoming a legendary teacher is a worthwhile goal that develops and refines teaching skills to help ensure that students want to come to school, want to learn, and want to succeed in your classroom.

Foreword by Mark Truckenbrod
About the Authors
1. Piecing Together the Personality Puzzle
2. Nothing Succeeds Like Success
3. Establishing High Expectations
4. Practicing Skillful Communication
5. Defining Instructional Protocol
6. Winning the Crowd
7. Understanding Practices and Assessments
8. Motivation
9. Motivating High Student Achievement
10. Recognizing and Promoting Excellence
11. Developing Powerful Classroom Management Skills
12. Epilogue: Becoming a Legend
Appendix I: Practical Instructional Advice
Appendix II: Homework Points to Remember
Appendix III: Create Your Own Personal Icon
Appendix IV: One Final Story

"Freeman and Scheidecker are truly legendary teachers! Every word in their book is embedded in their lives and teaching. I have used this book in my university teaching and shared it with numerous colleagues, teacher friends, and family. Hopefully you will find the wisdom in this book to bring out the best in your students."

Ruth Reynolds, Teacher, Bradley Elementary School District, IL
Adjunct Professor, Olivet Nazarene University

"Focuses explicitly on creating an environment that exudes high expectations for achievement and behavior. These authors have captured what it takes to have a dynamic school building and truly be a legendary teacher. This book is an excellent reflection of what can actually occur in classrooms across America."

A. Donald Hendricks, Superintendent
Addison School District 4, IL

"The authors, truly master teachers themselves, have written this book to be informative and applicable. Not only do they give specific examples, but they also give meaningful tips and ideas to use in the classroom."

Jamie Meyr, Elementary Instructor
Reed-Custer School District 255, IL

“This text will help all teachers evaluate themselves, reflect on their performance, and adjust.”

Buck Wall, AP US History and Department Chair
Hillcrest High School, Simpsonville, SC

"This is a book that I hope the teachers of my own children will read. It offers practical insight on how to inspire and create a truly proven atmosphere of learning for all students. The authors' documented experience and success will ignite a passion for teaching within you."

Susan M. Chasteen, Art Instructor
Reed-Custer School District 209U, IL

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Chapter 1

William B. Freeman

William Freeman was a middle school social studies teacher for 11 years and a high school principal for 22 years. During his tenure as principal, he taught classes in philosophy to high school students and instructed as an adjunct professor in the educational, administrative, and business master’s degree programs for Aurora University and Olivet Nazarene University. Having retired in 2006 from the public sector of education, Freeman continues to work as an educational consultant, an adjunct professor, and holds the position of professional development specialist for the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Olivet Nazarene... More About Author

David D. Scheidecker

David Scheidecker had been a high school English teacher for 27 years, with 20 of them as the head of an English department. His professional activities included serving as a reader for the Advanced Placement English literature and Composition exam, acting as a consultant to the college board, curriculum design, and miscellaneous instructional concerns. Scheidecker had worked extensively in curriculum design and revision at his own high school. He aslo was recognized as a "Teacher of Merit" by the state school board of Illinois. More About Author

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