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Assessment as Learning

Assessment as Learning
Using Classroom Assessment to Maximize Student Learning

Second Edition

January 2013 | 160 pages | Corwin
This is a book for teachers and school leaders on formative assessmentùi.e., assessment as learningùwhere assessment occurs throughout the learning process to inform learning as opposed to assessment that occurs at the end of a learning unit to measure what students have learned (summative assessment). Formative assessment emphasizes the role of the student, not only as a contributor to the assessment and learning process, but the critical connector between them.Defines assessment of learning, assessment for learning and assessment as learning, making a case for assessment as learning. Addresses assessment in the context of what learning is Shows how to use formative assessment to motivate student learning, help students make connections so that they move from emergent to proficient, extend their learning and to help them become reflective self-regulators of their own learning Explores how teachers can make the shift to formative assessment by engaging in conceptual change
About the Author
1. The Promise and the Challenge of Classroom Assessment
Why This Book?

How the Educational World has Changed

The Power of Classroom Assessment

What is This Book About?

The Case of "Understanding Learning and Assessment"

Using This Book

Ideas for Follow Up

2. Situating Assessment Changes
A Brief History of Assessment

Looking for Change in all the Wrong Places

Rethinking Assessment for Real Change

Purpose is Everything

Classroom Assessment and Large-Scale Reform

Taking Up the Challenge

Ideas for Follow Up

3. Assessment of Learning, for Learning, and as Learning
Assessment of Learning

Assessment for Learning

Assessment as Learning

Getting the Balance Right

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4. Spotlight on Learning
Learning Makes Us Human

How People Learn

Learning for Understanding

Learning is Hard Work

Learning Happens in Context

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5. Assessment and Learning
How Does Classroom Assessment Contribute to Learning?

Assessment as an Integral part of Teaching and Learning

Realizing the Power of Assessment to Optimize Learning

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6. Using Assessment to Identify What They "Believe to Be True"
"The Case of the Pool Table"

Start With What They Believe to be True

"The Case of the Blog"

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7. Using Assessment to Motivate Learning
Assessment That Motivates

Relevant Assessment

Imaginative Assessment

Assessment that Scaffolds Learning

"The Case of Othello"

Assessment to Reverse Socialization

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8. Using Assessment to Make Connections
Curriculum as Visible Targets for Learning

Plan Learning, Plan Assessment, and Expect the Unexpected

"The Case of Planned Literacy"


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9. Using Assessment to Extend Learning
Feedback for Learning

Rubrics and Exemplars as Tools

"The Case of the Brass Band"

Ideas, Connections, and Extensions (ICE)

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10. Using Assessment for Reflection and Self-Regulation
"The Case of Jojo"

Students as Their Own Best Assessors

Developing Self-Regulating Habits of Mind

"The Case of Choices"

Ideas for Follow Up

11. Getting to Assessment for Optimum Learning
It's About Learning, and It's About Time

Getting to the Spirit of AFL Requires Conceptual Change

Think About What You Believe to be True

Learn About Learning

Know Your Subject

Be an Expert Teacher

Work Together in Collaborative Inquiry

Don't Give Up, But be Gentile With Yourself

Self-Regulation for You Too

Get the Support You Need

Put it All Together


“This valuable resource goes beyond assessment for learning by shifting from the teacher to the student as the key assessor in self-monitoring personal goals and external standards.”

Julie Prescott, Assessment Coordinator
Vallivue High School, Caldwell, ID

"In Assessment as Learning, Dr. Earl shares her deep understanding of classroom assessment and her commitment to harnessing its power for student learning. She begins at the beginning, focusing on assessing what students believe is true and using assessment information to help students develop and extend learning from those initial beliefs. Readers should do likewise, asking themselves what they believe is true about assessment and then extending their learning with this book."

Susan M. Brookhart, Consultant, Brookhart Enterprises LLC
Senior Research Associate, Center for Advancing the Study of Teaching and Learning, Duquesne University, Helena, MT

"Assessment as Learning is an invaluable resource for teacher candidates. It provides an extensive review of assessment theory, research, policy and practise."

Louis Volante, Associate Professor (Assessment & Evaluation)
Brock University, Hamilton, ON, Canada

"Lorna Earl is an international thought leader when it comes to linking quality assessment to teaching, learning and student success. We are both members of a worldwide community of researchers, teachers, and school leaders intent on advancing our understanding of how to use assessment day to day in the classroom to both promote and verify student achievement. As we collaborate, Lorna points us in the right direction."

Rick Stiggins, Consultant
Portland, OR

"Despite two decades of work by educators to turn assessment into an activity that helps students to learn better, there is still much work to be done. The focus needs to move away from routines carried by teachers, truly to engage students themselves. It is this fundamental shift that Lorna Earl emphasizes in this excellent second edition of her book."

Mary James, Professor, Cambridge University
Founding Member of the Assessment Reform Group

"Lorna Earl has provided one of the most readable books about how to use assessment as learning for teachers and students. It just makes sense! While testing is all around us, Lorna Earl shows how it is efficient to use this information to inform our impact, where to go next, and to identify our successes in learning and teaching. She moves the debate away from assessment as good or bad to assessment as a powerful tool when interpreted by teachers to enhance their impact."

John Hattie, Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute
Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

"Lorna Earl's conceptualization of Assessment As Learning makes a major contribution to the work of educators determined to help all learners achieve deep understanding and powerful levels of learning. Grounded in practice, informed by research, and marked by a genuine respect for teachers and the challenges they face, this is a book that all educators will find enormously helpful."

Judy Halbert, Co-Founder & co-leader
Networks of Inquiry and Innovations and the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network, British Columbia, Canada

This is a great book for student teachers, with clear case studies that allow for extended learning about assessment as it relates to their developing classroom practice.

Mrs Lorraine Godden
Faculty of Education, Queens Univ
October 12, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter Four: Spotlight on Learning

Lorna M. Earl

Lorna M. Earl is a director of Aporia Consulting Ltd. and a retired associate professor from the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. She was the first director of assessment for the Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office, and she as been a researcher and research director in school districts for over 20 years. Throughout her career, Earl has concentrated her efforts on policy and program evaluations as a vehicle to enhance learning for pupils and for organizations. She has done extensive work in the areas of literacy and the middle years, but... More About Author

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