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Assessment Essentials for Standards-Based Education

Assessment Essentials for Standards-Based Education

Second Edition
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April 2008 | 176 pages | Corwin
Written by an expert in the field of classroom assessment, Essential Assessment Concepts for Teachers and Administrators, Second Edition is a user-friendly resource that helps teachers, administrators, and other school personnel understand how to apply essential assessment concepts in their schools. This guide is also an ideal reference for policymakers in making assessment-related decisions. Whether the assessment is focused on what occurs in the classroom or on externally mandated standardized tests, teachers will learn how to effectively integrate the assessment process with teaching and learning to enhance student learning and promote overall educational goals. The author provides guidelines for developing high-quality assessments and for using them appropriately and discusses important principles of standardized testing, including standards-based testing. This second edition features two new chapters. Chapter 5áprovides a succinct overview of different assessment techniques and methods, including both constructed-response and closed-end assessments, while Chapterá8 discusses grading practices in the context of standards-based education.
About the Author
1. Integrated Assessment With Teaching and Learning
2. Validity
3. Reliability
4. Fairness
5. Assessment Methods, Items, and Techniques
6. Understanding and Using Numerical Data
7. Interpreting and Using National and State Large-Scale and Standardized Tests
8. Grading

"An important key to blending data with change."

The Bookwatch, July 2008
Midwest Book Review

James H. McMillan

James H. McMillan is Professor and Chair of the Department of Foundations of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, where he teaches educational research and assessment courses and directs the Research and Evaluation Track of the PhD in Education program. He is also Executive Director of the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium, a partnership of Virginia Commonwealth University and eight Richmond-area school divisions that conducts and disseminates applied research. His current research interests include classroom and large-scale formative assessment. He has recently published the fifth edition of... More About Author

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