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Approach of ICT in Education for Rural Development

Approach of ICT in Education for Rural Development
Good Practices from Developing Countries

First Edition
Edited by:
  • ZENG Haijun - UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education, China
  • XIA Weifeng - Executive Editor-in-Chief, Journal Distance Education in China
  • WANG Jinghua - CEO, Beijing TianDiShang Science and Technology Co., Ltd,
  • WANG Rong - Programme Assistant, UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education

June 2015 | 608 pages | SAGE India

A comprehensive study on the importance of ICT in rural education

There are many challenges faced in effective Information and Communication Technology (ICT) implementation for rural development. This book contains policy recommendations to help drive and stimulate innovation and creativity through ICT use and reduce the digital divide and social exclusion in rural areas. The cases included in this book typically represent the ICT educational applications in China and developing countries and examine how current policies can support the overall development progress. It is expected to share good practices and to focus on spreading them better among three targeted groups of people: young people in rural areas, teachers at rural primary and high schools, and “left-behind” rural women.

This book is a research result of the program “The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education for Rural Development (iERD)” that was initiated in 2012 by the UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) along with its three other partners—UNESCO Sector Policy Advice (UNESCO-PAD) and ICT in Education, International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA), and Beijing Normal University-R&D Centre for Knowledge Engineering (BNU-KSEI).


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Foreword by Dong Qi
Approach for Informatization of Rural Education in China
Zeng Haijun, Huang Ronghuai, Zhao Yuchi, Zhang Jinbao, Wang Rong, and Ge Yi
Appendix: Summary Tables of the Cases on iERD from China
Wang Zhuzhu, Zeng Haijun, and Wang Ying
ICT Integration in Rural Classrooms
Yu Shengquan, Zeng Haijun, and Wang Ying
Educational Technology Promotes the Quality of In-class Teaching in Rural Schools
Zhang Zhijun, Xu Dian, Zeng Haijun, and Wang Ying
Open Distance Education Training “Capable to Work, Willing to Stay” Talents for Rural Areas
Diao Qingjun, Wei Tao, Hao Yingping, Jiao Yiju, Zeng Haijun, and Wang Ying
Spreading Knowledge and Eradicating Poverty through Distance Education
Liang Shuhua, Liu Weibin, Wang Hai, Zeng Haijun, and Wang Ying
Agriculture-related Educational Training and S&T Promotion Service System
Long Youhua, Li Dan, Zeng Haijun, and Wang Ying
The Application of Extensive Distance Training to Professional Development of Rural Teachers
Zhang Jufan, Wang Yanchang, Zeng Haijun, and Wang Ying
Distance Education for Teachers in Less Developed Areas
Xu Xiaoyi and Zeng Haijun
Online Training for Substitute Teachers in Underdeveloped Areas of Economically Developed Cities
Huang Ronghuai, Zhang Jinbao, Zheng Lanqin, Zeng Haijun, and Wang Ying
Innovative Teachers Achieve Better IT Integration in Teaching
Success Factors and Lessons Learned from Cases on iERD in Asia, Africa. and Latin America
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
Appendix: Summary Tables of the Cases on iERD from Asia, Africa, and Latin America
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
e-Bario: Telecenters for Remote and Rural Communities (Malaysia)
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
e-Krishi: The Online Platform for Small Farmers (India)
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
Mahiti Manthana: ICT for Empowerment of Rural Women (India)
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
Text2Teach: Mobile-based Video Lessons for Philippine Schools (Philippines)
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
Tradenet: The Mobile Trade Platform for Small Farmers (Sri Lanka)
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
MEDA: An Online Platform for Water Trade and Information (Chile)
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
Rural Schools of Information Technologies and Citizenship (Chile)
Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet
Telesecundaria: An Educational Model for Rural Secondary Schools (Colombia)
Stephen Haggard
Sharing Content in Local Language and Voices (Zimbabwe)
Stephen Haggard
CocoaLink (Ghana)
Stephen Haggard
Farmerline (Ghana)
Stephen Haggard
Womens’ Action Network (Burkina Faso)
About the Editors and Contributors

ZENG Haijun

Zeng Haijun is currently working as Program Coordinator at UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) and C&B Manager in Human Resources Department of Beijing Normal University (BNU). He started his research on ICT in education when he was working in Research Centre of Knowledge Engineering and Laboratory of e-Learning in BNU in 2001. He worked in the Division of Distance and Continuing Education of Department of Higher Education, China Ministry of Education from 2005 to 2010. He edited a book named What Happened in e-Learning in Chinese Universities (in... More About Author

XIA Weifeng

Xia Weifeng is Executive Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Distance Education in China, founder of Learning Habour and the website E-learning World. He has established comprehensive and innovative media service mode of distance education in 10 years which combined print media, online media, enrollment service, industrial organization, annual conference, professional seminar, and social platform. More About Author

WANG Jinghua

Wang Jinghua is CEO of Beijing TianDiShang Science and Technology Co., Ltd and LiuQi Group, and Executive Vice Chairman of Information Security Branch of China Communications Industry Association. He has worked on government informatization and education informatization for years and laid emphasis on solution to e-learning, vocational education, and smart city. More About Author


Wang Rong is Program Assistant at UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education. She joined the project team after completing her master’s from Beijing Normal University in 2012 and paid special attention to international organization’s program on ICT in education. More About Author

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