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Aligning Standards and Curriculum for Classroom Success

Aligning Standards and Curriculum for Classroom Success

Second Edition

Foreword by Fenwick W. English

144 pages | Corwin
Aligning Standards and Curriculum for Classroom Success provides teachers with the tools and information they need to plan for instruction that meets state and national standards. The authors discuss the importance of standards in curriculum and lesson planning, and introduce a dialogue process to help stakeholders come to consensus about what students should know and be able to do.

In addition, this resource offers:

o Step-by-step directions for developing standards

o Guidelines for designing teaching plans based on standards

o Strategies for using standards to integrate the curriculum

Also included are examples of actual standards-based teaching plans for different content areas, courses, and levels. The revised edition includes the latest research about standards and curriculum design, expanded coverage of the development of criterion standards, increased attention to assessment, and new sample teaching plans.

Foreword by Fenwick W. English
About the Authors
1. Student Achievement Using a Holistic Approach to Standards
What Are Standards?

Best Practices

The Consensus for Standards

Standards-Based Instructional Plan: Language Arts

2. The Need for Dialogue
Communicating Consensus

Stakeholders as Team Members

Steps in the CAST Dialogue Process

Standards-Based Instructional Plan: U.S. History

3. The Language of Expectation
The Need for a Common Language

Criterion Standards and Integrated Authentic Assessment

Constructing the Verb Matrix

Standards-Based Instructional Plan: Mathematics

4. Designing and Using the Standards-Based Curriculum
Writing Criterion Standards

Using Criterion Standards

Standards-Based Instructional Plan: English

5. Instructional Plans Based on Criterion Standards
Components of the Instructional Plans

Standards-Based Instructional Plans

6. Lesson Planning Takes Root
Integrating the Curriculum

The Planned Course Document

Developing the Standards-Based Instructional Plan

Standards-Based Instructional Plan: Learning Support--Language Arts

Resource A: Relevant Web Sites
Resource B: Verb Matrix Survey Material

"This book is a distinct contribution to the field given today’s accountability-heavy educational environment. An understanding of how to work successfully with standards is critical to student and teacher success."

Stacey Edmonson, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
Sam Houston State University

"It seems you can’t talk to any American teacher today without hearing about the pressure to raise test scores and ‘cover’ standards. Perna and Davis help schools and teachers navigate the standards movement by creating a common language and step-by-step approach that brings state standards from an abstract--and sometimes feared--document to a powerful classroom tool."

Billie Donegan, School Improvement Coach
Keystone Educational Services, Woodlan Park, CO

"The authors have designed a process that respects the teacher’s professionalism and works to collaborate with parents in a discussion about standards and possible educational outcomes without becoming mechanical."

From the Foreword by Fenwick W. English

Daniel M. Perna

Daniel M. Perna is an educational consultant concentrating on school improvement and achievement. His work focuses on implementing high standards in classrooms, helping teachers develop strategies to increase student comprehension, and designing goal-oriented leadership for schools. Perna has over 30 years of experience in public education. He has been an English teacher, basketball coach, athletic director, high school principal, and assistant superintendent. He currently serves as an adjunct teacher in graduate education for Wilkes University and as an advisor to doctoral students in educational leadership at NOVA Southeastern University... More About Author

James R. Davis

Dr. Davis is a retired public school administrator, thus far having spent 43 years in education, and is still very actively involved in education as a consultant and as an advisor to Doctoral students in Educational Leadership at NOVA Southeastern University. His educational consultant thrust concentrates on curriculum and staff development, especially as it relates to teaching and supervision in standards-based education. Dr. Davis has taught mathematics at the high school level, Education at the undergraduate level and Educational Administration and Supervision at the graduate level. He has written articles for various educational... More About Author