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The Active Workshop

The Active Workshop
Practical Strategies for Facilitating Professional Learning

  • Ron Nash - Ron Nash and Associates, LLC

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June 2012 | 152 pages | Corwin
Today's students learn best by doing-as do most of us. The Active Workshop is designed for educators who need to "show" rather than "tell" in creating highly interactive workshops. Packed with anecdotes, brain-compatible strategies, and checklists, the book provides practical tools for engaging participants to talk, reflect, brainstorm, and stretch beyond their comfort zones. Highlights include:

- Techniques for shifting 80% of the workshop's workload to participants

- Keys to enhancing retention with storytelling and laughter

- Methods for analyzing and evaluating your presentations for ongoing improvement

- Tips for extending learning beyond the workshop

The Active Workshop is ideal for seminar trainers, seminar facilitators, headteachers, and teacher leaders-anyone who works with primary, secondary and further education educators in a training capacity.

About the Author
1. Set the Stage
2. Hit the Ground Running
3. Maximize Movement
4. Minimize Distractions
5. Facilitate Structured Conversations
6. Present With Confidence
7. Close the Deal
8. Extend the Learning
Appendix A: Preworkshop-Visit Checklist
Appendix B: Day-of-Workshop Checklist
Appendix C: Room Arrangements

“Ron Nash’s book provides a primer for the presenter who wants to facilitate active workshop ‘participation.’ His techniques can also be easily adapted to the classroom for high engagement, child-centered lessons. This is truly a book worth adding to your professional library.”

Stephen D. Shepperd, Retired Elementary Principal
Kellogg Joint School District #391 – Sunnyside Elementary, ID

“Administrators and workshop facilitators will find this book to be exactly what is needed in designing a workshop that takes advantage of teachers’ prior knowledge, helps them to deepen their understanding of workshop content and processes, and find ways to be more effective.”

Sharon Madsen Redfern, Elementary Principal
Highland Park Elementary School, Lewistown, MT

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Chapter 1: Set the Stage

Ronald Justin Nash

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