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The Active Mentor

The Active Mentor
Practical Strategies for Supporting New Teachers

Edited by:
  • Ron Nash - Ron Nash and Associates, LLC

Foreword by Kay Burke

August 2012 | 160 pages | Corwin
Ron Nash's The Active Mentor: Practical Strategies for Supporting New Teachers builds on his previous two books, The Active Classroom: Practical Strategies for Involving Students in the Learning Process and The Active Teacher: Practical Strategies for Maximizing Teacher Effectiveness. This latest resource demonstrates how county, school, and teacher leaders can build effective, active teacher mentoring programmes for new teachers.

As an internationally known teaching coach, Nash builds on his teacher training expertise to show how teacher mentoring—when done well—holds promise for fostering teacher retention and increasing the effectiveness and satisfaction of new teachers. This book goes beyond topics commonly found in coaching and mentoring books to stress the importance of training new teachers to employ the active classroom principles that ensure student engagement and achievement.

Foreword by Kay Burke
About the Author
1. The Need for Heroes
2. The Need for Speed
3. Clarity and Substance
4. Ramping Up Relationships
5. A Place for Everything
6. Everything in Its Place
7. When Good Gets Better
8. Perspiration and Inspiration
Appendix: Support From an Extended Family

"This book is for any school developing its own mentoring program or looking to improve an existing one. The program shows everyone how to take responsibility for helping newly hired educators develop into practitioners who continuously reflect on and improve their teaching skills."

Kathy Tritz-Rhodes, Principal
Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Schools, IA

"Ron Nash delivers clear compass points to follow for all those committed to successful new teacher induction programming."

Esther Jackson, Dean of Instruction
Newark Charter School, DE

"Ron Nash weaves storytelling and realistic dialogue to set the stage for what mentors should model for new teachers to help them gain the confidence they need. This should be required reading for all administrators, mentors, coaches, teachers, and professional developers."

From the Foreword by Kay Burke

Ronald Justin Nash

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