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Academic Language! Academic Literacy!

Academic Language! Academic Literacy!
A Guide for K–12 Educators

July 2009 | 152 pages | Corwin
Develop students' understanding of academic language and watch literacy skills soar!

To achieve higher levels of learning, students must be able to understand academic language—the formalized language of instruction found in classrooms, textbooks, and standardized tests. Eli R Johnson conveys a powerful message of the need for teachers to provide explicit academic language instruction for all students, especially English language learners or those struggling with reading.

Filled with 36 hands-on strategies, this practical, solidly researched guide helps teachers make the critical connection between academic language, literacy, and student achievement for all learners, regardless of home language or socioeconomic status. Explained in reader-friendly terms, each strategy helps teachers give their students the tools and skills necessary to decipher academic language in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This Key Stage 1 to 'A' Level book also includes

- A strategy matrix to help teachers select appropriate strategies for their grade level

- A description of each strategy, with information on how it works in the classroom and why it is effective

- Collaborative protocols to help infuse academic language throughout the content areas

- Lists of words that can be introduced at each grade level to build students' vocabulary

Academic Language! Academic Literacy! helps teachers instruct students on the language of education so they have a chance to demonstrate what they know and experience success.

Academic Language! Academic Literacy! Strategy Matrix
Foreword by Arthur L. Costa
About the Author
1. Academic Language and Academic Literacy
2. Academic Language and Learning
3. Academic Literacy Challenges
4. Academic Reading: Inferring Strategies
5. Academic Reading: Text Structure Strategies
6. Academic Listening: Explicit Learning Strategies
7. Academic Speaking: Dialogue & Discourse Strategies
8. Academic Writing: Revealing Ideas Strategies
9. Creating an Academic Culture
Appendix 1. Academic Language: Grade Level Lists
Appendix 2. Academic Resources: Content Area Lists

“Academic language and literacy are essential keys to conceptual understanding and ultimately to student success. Eli Johnson gives all teachers and school leaders a foundation for improvement that will reach every classroom and every student.”

Peter Dallas Finch, Assistant Superintendent
West Valley School District, Yakima, WA

"A terrific resource for teachers of every grade level! I especially loved the academic grade-level word lists that highlight the specific words pertinent to every grade level. All students will benefit from this, especially my struggling readers. This is a wonderful resource and should be in every teacher’s library."

MicheleTimmerman, Sixth-Grade Teacher
Rose Hill Elementary School, Kirkland, WA

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Eli R. Johnson

Eli R. Johnson is a consultant for the California Department of Education, supporting early literacy, English language professional development, and math and science projects. He works with urban districts throughout the state of California, strengthening teacher collaboration and school leadership. His previous experiences as a classroom teacher, site administrator, and instructional leader make him a valuable contributor to sustainable school reform. He earned a teaching degree from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in education from the University of Washington. As a nationally recognized speaker and consultant, Eli works... More About Author

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