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122 Ways to Build Teams

122 Ways to Build Teams

Second Edition
  • Carol Scearce - Educational Consultant, Enlightening Enterprises

Foreword by Lawrence W. Lezotte

April 2007 | 264 pages | Corwin
This second edition offers a wealth of practical strategies for building teams by developing trust, establishing a team mission, leading and managing team meetings, and celebrating successes. An easy-to-use format allows leaders to choose from over 100 strategies to meet a teamÆs specific needs and effectively advance the teamÆs work. In addition, the author offers techniques to use when encountering the resistance that sometimes surfaces during team building. The updated edition includes two comprehensive new chaptersùone on developing agendas for team meetings and one on using processes to solve problems.
About the Author
1. Trust Building
Simple Things To Do: Trust Me, The Check Is in the Mail

Things That Take Effort: You Can Depend On Me

For the Committed: People Who Need People Are the Luckiest People

2. Mission Making
Simple Things To Do: Up, Up, and Away

Things That Take Effort: Let’s Do It Together

For the Committed: I Believe

3. Discovering Leadership
Simple Things To Do: It Takes Two to Tango

Things That Take Effort: The Power of One

For the Committed: A Great Visionary

4. Establishing Roles and Responsibilities
Simple Things To Do: Turn This Thing Around

Things That Take Effort: High Hopes

For the Committed: If They Could See Me Now!

5. Code of Conduct
Simple Things To Do: I Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Was In

Things That Take Effort: Putting It Together

For the Committed: Only the Strong Survive

6. Managing Meetings
Simple Things To Do: What Kind of Fool Am I?

Things That Take Effort: The Great Pretender

For the Committed: It Makes Me Want to Shout!

7. Creating Agendas
Simple Things To Do: What’s Up Doc?

Things That Take Effort: Out To Lunch

For The Committed: This Is My Final Answer

8. Using Process
Simple Things To Do: World War III

Things That Take Effort: Me Too!

For the Committed: Oops

9. Giving and Receiving Feedback
Simple Things To Do: I Really Don’t Want To Know

Things That Take Effort: The First Cut Is the Deepest

For the Committed: I’m on the Outside Looking In

10. Celebrating Successes
Simple Things To Do: Celebration . . . Come On!

Things That Take Effort: You’re My Soul and My Inspiration

For the Committed: Twist and Shout!

11. Resisters You Will See
Final Note

"Provides a wealth of relevant stories, examples, and practical strategies that teachers and administrators can apply immediately. New and veteran leaders who plan professional development or facilitate collaborative group work will find a tool kit of process strategies that work!"

Jan Rozzelle, Executive Director
School Leadership Institute, The College of William and Mary

"Everything you need is in this book. Activities and processes are so clearly explained and easy to follow that educators can adopt the ideas and use them over and over again! A must-have for teachers, administrators, and professional developers."

Margaret Hable, Educational Consultant

"A wealth of information suitable for any team-building endeavor. From designing an initial agenda and creating productive team-building conferencing to codes of conduct, unearthing leaders within teams, and using processes in classroom and teaching settings, this book is a must for not just schools, but for any serious business pursuit."

The Bookwatch, July 2007
Midwest Book Review

Carol Scearce

Carol Scearce is president of Enlightening Enterprises and a professional educational consultant who has taught K–12 general education and special education classes, served as director of staff development for a large school district, and also taught at the university level. Scearce has received the Outstanding Special Educator of the Year award and has been nominated for Who's Who In Education and Who's Who In Staff Development. She is a regular presenter at national conferences for ASCD, NSDC, the Brain Expo, the Council for Exceptional Children, and Title I schools, and has conducted over a 1,000 workshops. More About Author

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