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100 Methods for Total Quality Management

100 Methods for Total Quality Management

First Edition

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June 1996 | 244 pages | SAGE Response
This book is a succinct and very accessible reference to the 100 most frequently adopted methods for implementing total quality management (TQM) in organizations. Ranging from the technique of brainstorming to the Deming Wheel, the spread of the methods is deliberately wide and inclusive to reflect the range of processes involved.

Understanding Total Quality Management

The Role of TQM Methods

List of Methods (by Category)

Purpose of Methods (Alphabetical List)

Management Methods

Analytical Methods

Idea Generation

Data Collection, Analysis and Display




This book would certainly be very helpful as a good reference book for applied researchers, statisticians, research scholars and all those engaged in empirical research.

Global Business Review

Written in a straightforward, no-nonsense style, the book is a ready reference to the most frequently used TQM methods. Each method gets a brief outline, some dos and don`ts and an example or two.... This book makes for strictly practical reading.

Business India

Structured simply, the book specifies the purpose of each method, when it is to be used, how it is to be applied and the benefits of the method, followed by a practical example. A well designed reference list stating the purpose of each method is placed right at the beginning of the book.

The Hindu

Gopal K Kanji

Gopal K Kanji, Emeritus Professor of Applied Statistics at Sheffield Hallam University, is also a founder editor of the two international journals namely, Journal of Applied Statistics and Total Quality Management. With a career spanning 37+ years in the field of statistics and quality teaching, publishing journals and books, writing technical papers and presenting research findings around the world, he is a true teacher, trainer, researcher and innovator and consultant.More than 90 research papers and 15 books in Statistics and Total Quality Management have been published by him. He has been a very active member of the American Society... More About Author

Mike Asher

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